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Climate Change Essay Causes Solutions in 900 Words

Today, the modern civilization is moving surely towards a danger to its continuance. One of the serious problems facing the humanity is that of climate change. Now, what is climate change? Climate change is an erratic behaviour of the weather with an unexpected rise of temperature all over the world affecting the quality of life. Let’s write an essay on the Climate Change causes, effects, solutions


With all the advancement of astrophysics, it has not yet been possible to find any trace of life in other planets of solar system. Probably, there does not exist any and we, human beings are all alone. So life on our planet – mother earth is certainly very precious. Nature has a perhaps a holy plant in sustaining life on this earth that may have sprung accidentally probably as a by product. 

But the way our modern civilization is moving surely spells a danger to its continuance. One of the serious problems facing the humanity is that of climate change which is always compromising and affecting the quality of life for the human civilization. The nations are trying every possible way to equip itself better to face this problem confidently including coordinated dialogues.

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Main Causes of Climate Change:

The primary cause of climate change on this blue planet is the rising volumes of collective emissions of six lethal gases, called Green House Gases. Some of the gases included in this category are carbon-di-oxide, methane and nitrous oxide which are known to be highly toxic.

Most of these gases are caused by the industrial activities in various developed and developing nations. The proportion of these in the atmosphere has been constantly rising the temperature in the atmosphere ever since the Industrial Revolution started in the nineteenth century  The world is getting industrialized at a very fast pace. Factories are almost daily springing up in and around big cities resulting the indiscriminate and wanton felling of trees and destruction of forests.

Added to this is the poisonous fuel discharge coming out of exhaust pipes of countless petrol-driven cars that ply along the roads of these cities. As a result, the amount of carbon-di-oxide content of the atmosphere around us is dangerously going up that leads to the alarming situation of climate change. 

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Effects of Climate Change:

Of late, unusual and unprecedented natural calamities have been adversely affecting life all over the world. The large frequency of their occurance has alarmed the scientists. In 2003, average temperature in Western Europe recorded a rise of 5 degrees Celsius above normal, taking a toll of 35000 people.

In 2004, the United Arab Emirates had a snowfall – an unheard of phenomenon in that part of the world. In 2004, the river Saltuj witnessed flash floods causing havoc in Himachal Pradesh. In 2005, heavy rains lashed Mumbai,  Tamil Nadu, throwing life completely out of gear. Russia along with some other European countries and Alaska saw severe winters. All predictability about climatic patterns has disappeared ; any place can experience any kind of weather at any time of the year.

This erratic climatic behaviour has been attributed to the phenomenon of global warming. It has been observed that temperature all over the world are constantly rising up. There is a widespread apprehension that the average annual temperature all over the world will rise by 2° – 7° Fahrenheit by the end of the 21st century.

Monsoon rains will become extremely destructive while winter rains in the Himalayan regions will become scanty, causing drought like conditions in summer. Most of the glaciers in the Himalayan regions will melt significantly in the next three decades.

Health Hazards for Climate Change:

Besides ecological disturbance, a serious health emergency is also awaiting us if we fail to respond to the incoming challenge in time. There shall be grave health related problems in the form of increased incidence of various kinds of known and unknown diseases. They shall me mostly vector and water borne diseases, not to speak of various dermatological disorders and diseases occurring mostly because of hyper-thermogenic disorders.

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How We Can Solve Climate Change:
● We need to undertake massive exercises for greening the globe to roll back the damages wrought to the Mother Nature. Hence, there shall be an urgent need to undertake afforestation at a massive scale as part of the improvement policy regarding climate change. The concepts of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Emission Trading system under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) can be suitably brought Into service. 

● Our buildings need to become more energy efficient. The concept of smart homes is required to be adopted in keeping with the changing times. All new constructions need to meet climate vulnerability norms. Our town planning and infrastructural constructions need to integrate the climate change concerns. There shall also be a need to build our infrastructures above the apprehended sea-levels. 

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● Furthermore, we need to give deserved attention to our agriculture. An effort should be made by all to reduce our dependency on weather by expanding our irrigation network. We need to strengthen our irrigation capacity Further to ward against an erratic monsoon. 

● It is felt that we need to keep a balance between the development of rural and urban areas. Even though we already have a National Action Plan on climate change in place, we need to see it that the same is implemented with all seriousness. There is a greater need for building practical partnerships among countries of the world, NGOs, INGOs, United Nations, businessmen and all concerned to better face the climate change challenge. 

● Eco-friendly technology is one of the many proposed solutions. Eco-friendly technologies for coal gasification, carbon capture and efficient carbon storage mechanism, discovery of low carbon fuels and development of renewable energy sources shall be required to better face the global climate change.

● Moreover,  a healthy and better educated human resources and awareness can better cope with the problem of climate change. The countries of the world shall need to work out a better synergy to face this problem when they meet next to discuss the threats of the climate change 

Synopsis: Main Points – 


In recent times weather has been behaving in the most erratic manner all over the world.


 Erratic behaviour of climate due to the constant rise of temperature. This will continue in the coming years if it unchecked. 

 Glaciers in the Artic regions will slowly melt.

 Water levels in the oceans and seas will rise.

 Many species of flora and fauna will disappear. 


 Rising volumes of collective emissions of six poisonous gases known as Greenhouse Gases.


 Emergent steps are needed to tackle this problem. 

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