Role of Media in Democracy Essay

Role of Media in Democracy Essay

The Role of Media in Society Essay in 500 Words 

Newspapers, cinema, radio and television are the four important mass-media through which the Government communicate with the public. In addition, the social media like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp are also playing influential role on the public as a whole. Now, in a democratic set-up the public are informed and their opinion is formed through mass-media. The media exist for popular enlightenment and entertainment.

In times of emergency when the country is in the grip of a natural calamity like devastating earthquake, flood or storm, welfare or faced with the outbreak of plague, the services of mass media are indispensable. Vital information and warning are conveyed and relayed to the furthest corners of the state in almost no time. 

Influence of Media:

Newspapers and the periodicals, collectively known as the Press, are considered as the most influential medium. In fact, the press has been called ‘the fourth estate’ – the other three being the Executive (Administration), the Legislature and Judiciary. Charles Dickens, the famous novelist, called the press ‘that mighty engine’. Napoleon once said that he feared one newspaper more than ten battalion of soldiers.

Indeed, newspapers of large circulation have a great hold on the common people and largely form their opinion. By presenting views from a particular angle, and dressing up and distorting the news items in a clever manner they can sway public opinion both ways. So, a grave responsibility rests on those who run or write for newspapers. Irresponsible journalism had often been the cause of many a race riot or communal clash in the past.

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Influence of Media in Democracy:

So in a democratic country, newspaper which is one of the pillars of democracy should be cautious to cater news and the public should read it Judiciously. 

Perhaps the most important function of the media in a democracy is to spread political awareness among the public. An average citizen has neither ability, nor will, nor even time to formulate and express opinions on most of the issues. So, he seeks guidance from the press or television or radio.

Values of Media in Society:

Editorials in the newspapers and debates conducted in the TV programmes and intellectual advices and discussions telecast in radio are extremely useful in shaping public opinion. Thus, the media has a definite educative value. 

The power of media, particularly television, has recently been uplifted by the improvement of socio-economic structure of the country. In recent years, the media like television has played a very constructive role in mobilising popular support for victims of both natural calamities and man-made tragedies.

In addition to these mediators between public, we can not keep away ourselves from social media. With the increasing popularity of social media which is connecting millions of people, public opinions are conveyed through this platform. It plays a crucial role in time of crisis specially in the pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Evil Impact of Media:

But the popular social media platform which connects so many people can spread unnecessary rumours that may leave an evil impact on democracy. Even the social media, like newspapers  television or radio plays a crucial role in a democratic election of a country now-a-days.

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In a democratic country, one of the major functions of media is to check corruption in the Government. But at the same time, the media must be careful enough not to become the victim of the worst kind of corruption itself. It may indulge in sensational news to win cheap popularity.

In a democratic country, if we depend upon the media to get news, to form public opinion and create awareness, then we expect it to furnish us with authentic news and information. If we place so much importance on media today as a part of democracy, then we expect the reviews from media to be honest. In a democratic set-up they are essential for focusing and instructing public opinion. Honest, impartial propaganda of truth should be the aim of these media for enlightening and entertaining the public at a large.

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