Essay on Importance of Discipline

Write an essay on importance of discipline 

Synopsis of the article:

 • What is discipline:

Discipline means obedience to a code, or a set of rules of conduct either formulated or prescribed by an external authority. 

• Discipline in nature:

Nature is the perfect example of the exhibition of discipline with its prevailing course of occurrence of natural phenomenon. • Discipline in students and education:

Discipline is very essential in students as it is seed time of their life. An educational system can not run properly without discipline. 

• Discipline in life and society:

One must acquire the quality of discipline from the very early stages of his life for the betterment of society as well as in family. There is hardly any sphere of life in which the value of disciplined is not realised. 

Essay on Importance of Discipline 

◇ Introduction: Important of Discipline: 

Discipline means obedience to a code, or a set of rules of conduct either self-formulated or prescribed by an external authority. It is a good quality of a person. It’s absolutely necessary in a good and healthy society. Discipline is required in all areas of life; in educational institutions, family, army, administration, sports, art and culture etc.

A person leading a well-regulated life, speaking in a controlled manner, leading a very restrained life presents an excellent example of self-discipline. In this way, we may say that Nature is the best mirror of perfect discipline to all of us. One can notice a disciplinary approach prevailing in planetary movements, changing of seasons, tides, weather etc. 

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◇ Discipline and Student:

There is hardly any sphere of life in which the value of discipline is not realised. Discipline is very essential in student life as it is the seed time of life. No institution can run successfully it its students are not disciplined. Discipline is necessary both for the teachers and students. Effective teaching is not possible in the class if the students and the teachers are not disciplined.

It is a very tested fact that only serious and disciplined students can achieve something worth in their life. On the other hand, indisciplined students lack focus and commitment in their educational life. 

◇ Discipline and Society:

Discipline is very much necessary in society as well as in family. Freedom in a free country does not empower or entitle one to do whatever he likes regardless of feelings and interest of others. One must get to know how to be disciplined from one’s family. Therefore, it is very necessary to go through a disciplinary circle from the early stages of life. If there is no discipline in a family, it is very difficult to run a family. A family is a small unit of the whole society. Therefore, if the families are not properly disciplined, then the society is also affected. 

Discipline is absolutely necessary for the defence force of a country including army, navy and air-force. An indisciplined army is fated to an ignoble end. Even in sports, a team without discipline can never fight well. The players should obey the rules of game in the playground and obey the instructions of the captain or referee of the game. 

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◇ Discipline and Nature:

Discipline is one important way we socialize children. The goal of socialization is to teach children how to function effectively in society.

The foundation for all discipline is Nature. Facing the effects of gravity, hunger, temperature, danger, curiosity and even aggression teaches discipline. It has been said, “Nature is the mother of all discipline.” Nature provides children with experience, challenges, consequences as well as parents who are intended to be nurturing and to act as protectors, teachers and guides. Nature offers children real world experiences that parents can use to teach children important skills. Some of these skills include helping children to become aware of surroundings, paying attention as well as working together, cooperation and the relationship between cause and effect.

◇ Misinterpretation of Discipline:

But some people misunderstand the meaning of discipline. They say that discipline leads to blind submission to authority keeping away all the freedom of life. But this is a wrong interpretation of discipline. A disciplined nation is always better placed in all respects than an indisciplined nation.

True development of a country is related directly with the discipline attitude of its administration. A political party of a country also suffers to survive if it loses the discipline of party members. It is to be clearly noted that every country’s moral and economic advancement is lined with the disciplined course of life.

◇ Conclusion:

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for everyone to become disciplined to reap the full benefits of living by employing oneself successfully for the hood of the society. Thus one can become happy truly. 

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