Social Media Pros and Cons Essay

Essay on Social Media Sites: Pros and Cons


With the wide spread use of the internet has come the increasing popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many others. In urban, especially amongst the youth, these sites have come to symbolize a mix status, identity and social acceptability. This phenomenon has produced a degree of dependence on relationships that are essentially virtual and almost non-existent.

This obsession with a world that is unreal and with relationships that have no accountability, has already begun to influence on the urban, educated youth. Thus, social media has merged seamlessly into our daily lives in the era of digital connectedness.

How we communicate, share experiences and interact with the world around us has been changed by these social media sites. But there are many pros and cons associated with these social networking sites which also illuminate many complex effects on numerous facets of society. 

Increasing Connectivity and Communication of Social Media:

Social media has completely changed how we communicate by allowing for instantaneous encounters over great distances. Thanks to these social networking sites, it has become very simple for us to remain in touch with friends and family. It makes us enable to share real-time information, photos, video graphics and gives us the privilege to build a real-time connection even when people are geographically apart.

Social Media as Global Reach:

Social media provides the users to connect with people from all over the world because it crosses the geographical barriers in an instant. In this way, it helps us to keep in touch with the cultural activities of different regions and create a sense of awareness. 

Essay on social media

Social Media as Real-time Updates:

There is no doubt that the social media makes you updated with the steady flow of information, trending facts and events and news. 

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Social media has an indisputable impact on interpersonal interactions, highlighting both positive and negative aspects. 

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Social Media Pros and Cons:


1 Strengthened Connections: 

In this modern world of technology, social media makes it easier yo establish connection with acquaintance. These social media sites make it easier to connect with people, otherwise it would be difficult to connect with people in this busy schedule. 

2 Building Communities:

As a result of the emergence of niche communities, people may now connect with others who share their interests and create an establishment between their niche communities. 

3 Cost-effective Marketing:

Small business group or individuals can promote their bands with larger rivals by reaching a large audience without spending a lot on advertising. Interacting with customers on social media in a direct way encourages the individuals or businesses group to establish emotional bond with brands without spending so much money.

4 Online Support Groups:

Social media provides a forum for others dealing with similar issues to connect, exchange experiences and look for help. Social media platforms offer insightful information regarding customer behaviour that help the groups to know each other and strengthen the support.

5 Expression and Creativity:

Social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook help users to show their expressions and creativity by letting them share their skills and interests.


1 Superficiality:

Though social media sites bring the world closer and establish the communication at your fingertips, somehow it lacks the emotional touch and depth of face-to-face encounters and misunderstanding. 

2 Bad Impact on Younger Generation:

There is no doubt that social media sites have been gaining its popularity mostly on younger generation. The media has reported incidents of cyber bullying on social networking sites that have resulted in suicides. Often parents allow children access to these sites without proper guidance and supervision.

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The results of this can be disastrous. There should be awareness campaign for school children as well as college-students to make the youth internet-savvy and therefore capable of holding their own in a world that hurtling through technological advances at a great speed.

3 Envy and Comparison:

Constant exposure to well controlled, idealized depictions of others’ life might exacerbate sentiments of inferiority and envy. The anonymity offered by social media platforms can result in cyber-bullying and trolling which can have deep psychological impacts due to the harassment, threats or humiliation online. The anonymity and distance afforded by digital world can amplify the intensity and impact of such negative behavior. 

4 Increase Mental Health Strain:

Excessive use of social media has triggered the feeling of anxiety, depression and inadequacy. The younger generations are so much obsessed with social media sites that it puts one’s mental health at risk. Constantly comparing oneself to carefully groomed online personas might result in diminished mental health and bas self perception. 

5 Isolation and Loneliness:

It is ironical and sarcastic that the social media, which is supposed to designed to bring people together, may lead people to loneliness and isolation. A sense of loneliness and a sense of detachment from real world relationship can result from spending too much time in social networking sites. We often that true face-to-face conversations can not be replaced by these social media sites. 

6 Privacy Concerns and Data Exploitation:

Users frequently disclose personal information on social media without fully realizing the consequences which may raise privacy issues. This even lead to personal and financial security at risk. There are the great risks of identity theft, privacy violations with the wide spread social media sites. 


We may say that the social media sites are two opposite faces with opportunities and problems. It has come with the boon of its ability to connect, educate, update, whereas it has also the potential to encourage superficiality, loss of privacy, increase mental strain and isolation as well. It is necessary to create a balance as we need to avoid its negative impact and be blessed with the advantages of this modern technology. Understanding, proper guidance and supervision may help us to maximize the benefits of social media in this digital era. 

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