Importance of Online Education Editor Letter

Importance of Online Education Editor Letter 

Importance of Online Education Letter to Editor

Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about the importance of online education system specially at the time of COVID-19. 

In this article we will learn --
how to write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about the importance of online education specially at the time when most of the schools, colleges and universities are closed to keep the students safe from the deadly effects of Corona Virus. 

The Editor, 
The Times of India 
Kolkata  - 02

Subject: Importance of Online Education in COVID-19 

     Through the column of your esteemed daily, I like to ventilate my views on the importance of online education as well as my deep concern how the studies of the students have received a great setback during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

     Students are locked in their houses as schools, colleges and universities have remained closed since March, 2020 because of the Corona Virus pandemic. Nobody knows when these institutions will open again in the normal course of life. In this new form of life, we are witnessing a radical transformation from formal classroom education system to online classroom system. There is no doubt that it is the newest way of education system that will empower or enlighten the students specially considering the pandemic situation of COVID-19. Different universities, colleges and schools have accepted the new methodologies of teaching and learning through the online education. Though we all know that online education system can not be the holistic and long term alternative to libraries, classroom, healthy interactions among the students; but it is the need of the hour.

        So, I earnestly request you to take your mighty pen to draw the attention of the concerned authorities and the Government urging them to come forward with comprehensive plans so that not only the privileged class of students but also most of the students of our country may have better access to online education system. 

Yours Sincerely, 
Anupam Biswas
12/A M.G.Road
Kolkata - 07
Date: 28. 07. 2021

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