Letter to Headmaster for Improvement of School Library

How to write letter to Headmaster for improvement of school library 

In this article we will learn how to write a formal letter to the Headmaster of your school for the improvement of school library. Library is an important asset of any educational institution. So it is very essential for any educational institution to have updated school library for the benefit of the students. We should know how to write a letter to the Headmaster of your institution for the improvement of school library. 

Letter to Headmaster for Improvement of School Library


Here is the sample letter :Improvement of School Library — Letter


The Headmaster

Oxford Model School, Mumbai

Sub: Improvement of School Library

 Respected Sir,                        

I am the student of class XII of your institution, regret to inform you about the unpleasant experience to walk into the school library. The suffocating atmosphere of the school library with uninterrupted noise going on all around is hardly conducive to studies. Besides, the library is not spacious enough to provide sitting accommodation to many students. 

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If we turn towards the shelves, we find the number of books available in the library are not adequate to meet the demands of the students. Most of the existing books are not updated to satisfy the thirst for latest information. I also found the reference books related to our studies are less in number.

There are many poor students who can not buy more reference books. I think the reference books should be enough to fulfill the academic needs. The magazine section also needs some changes to make provision for latest journals and periodicals.

Moreover, I would also request you to set up departmental libraries to authorize a teacher to supervise the purchase of books in their department. The students of the school would be highly indebted to you if some of these suggestions could be carried out for the improvement of school  library at an early date.

Yours obediently

Rahul Gupta  Class – XII

Thanking you. 


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