Paragraph Your Quarantine Experience in Lockdown

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Write a paragraph on your quarantine experience in lockdown days

■ Describe How You Spent Your Days in Lockdown

Paragraph on Spending Your Quarantine Days 

Christ was right when He observed, “O God, never put anyone to test.” But it was a testing time when I have been forced to be quarantined and the whole human civilization has been enveloped with grey dark light of COVID-19. There are silence everywhere as din and bustle of human life is being locked for time being. All the months have been slipping away by maintaining social distance. 

      Let Heaven be thanked that I along with my family members are now safe from COVID-19. I must admit that it is tortuous to force myself be quarantined in these few days. It is nothing but a new experience. Quarantine means making yourself isolated from the people outside of your family or stay at home. It may sound like a vacation from the world of reality. Infact, it is hard to imbibe in one’s life. 

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      My days in the period of quarantine days were proven to be agonizing more than pleasant. I had the mixed feelings of fear, excitement, worries. Staying at home, I tried to follow the Government rules and doctrines of Health Department.

The most important thing to follow the health and hygiene factors should not be neglected at any cost. For this purpose, I always washed my hands and face with soap or sanitizer at regular intervals.

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Besides, I also consumed healthy and nutritious food, specially the fruits rich with vitamin C. I also attended some virtual consultation sessions guided by some doctors. I also made some conscious efforts on giving importance to Yoga to combat against COVID-19. We all know that Yoga or Pranayams help in building immunity and resolving respiratory illness. 

So, without going anywhere unnecessarily, I kept focus on my health and hygiene and spent more valuable time with my family. Such a time, of course broadened my mental horizon and gave me enough strength and perseverance from the very core. 

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