Letter on importance of reading newspaper

How to write a letter to your friend about the importance of reading newspaper. 

15/2, Motijheel Road

Dumb Dum Kolkata – 52

17th August 2021

My dear Barun,

          I was very glad to learn that you secured a very good marks in your final examination. But I was equally shocked to learn that you secured poor Mark’s in your general knowledge paper. According to me, it was due to your poor knowledge outside your syllabus. 

         As your well-wishers, I should remind you that to shine in life, it is not enough for a student only to confine within the subjects of your syllabus. You must be well equipped with the general knowledge which a student can obtain enough by reading newspaper daily.

Newspaper is a medium which helps us to be acquainted with knowledge both national and international. It is a storehouse of general knowledge. Reading newspaper surely enlarges the horizon of your knowledge about affairs of our country and of the world outside. At the same time, a student can enrich his vocabulary which helps him to enhance his writing proficiency.

Therefore, reading newspaper has can help you to learn and understand how the world is progressing in educational, political, economic sphere. So, a student can sharpen his knowledge by reading newspaper daily. 

        Therefore, I would advise you to start reading newspaper daily without any delay.

Yours truly, 

Abhishek Sen

Barun Roy

C/o – Anirban Roy

Jalpahar, Darjeeling 

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