Importance of Water Conservation Paragraph

An essay on the importance of saving water.

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■ Why is it important to save water

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      Importance of Saving Water 

There is a line in Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" --

"Water, water, everywhere,
Not a drop to drink."

The above line is precisely going to be fitted to the situation not only in India but in the world in respect of drinking water. Though India is a land of rivers, yet India is facing the threat of scarcity of drinking water. The per capita water availability in India has come down to a significant margin in every year. It is not India alone but the entire world is going to face the threat of acute shortage of drinking water in the coming years. Water is the basic necessity of our life. But day by day, the enormous rise of population has given a great stake to the source of water. As a result, water resources are facing a serious threat of extinction. If the water table falls it will create a havoc in the cultivation of crops. Water that gives us life, can take it away as well due to the consumption of contaminated water. The problem of scarcity of water is compounded by deterioration in the quality of water that we are getting. Large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers from the agricultural fields are dissolved in ground water. As a result, the quality of drinking water is getting worse day by day. 

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Now, the process of recycling is a very useful step because of its consistent availability at the point of use. Government should make a move for recycling of water in larger prospective. This process will both conserve water and eliminate material wastage. Recycling of water and storing of rain water are the urgent need of the hour. Conservation of water is not only the responsibility of the government. Common citizens can also make a significant contribution in this field. To begin with, we must be conscious that water is life and needs to be used judiciously. We must not use drinking water to clean our cars, houses, beasts etc. We must not keep the tap running while it is not in use. These small steps, but when every drop is precious, may come out as very important steps. 

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