My Favourite Hobby Paragraph

My Favorite Hobby Paragraph in 100, 300 Words

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The synopsis  of the article —

 • What is hobby

A hobby is a pursuit followed for pleasure, not for profit. It provides joy and relaxation to exhausted mind.

 • Kinds of hobbies 

There are different hobbies accepted by individual according to his/her taste and interest. Popular hobbies are – gardening, photography, sports, reading, travelling, fishing, singing or dancing, stamp-collecting etc.

My Favourite Hobby Paragraph in 100 Words:

● Selection of hobby: Gardening

A hobby is an interesting pursuit that one follows for pleasure during his or her leisure time. Different persons have different hobbies. My favourite hobby is gardening.

I like gardening as my hobby because it is less expensive and more interesting. Whenever I get an opportunity, I go to my little garden infront of my house. I sow seeds, plant saplings, prune the branches of the plants and water them. I have already read a number of books on gardening and my parents also help me in my hobby. 

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It gives me a great joy to see the flowers bloom in my garden and butterflies hover over the flowers. 

Gardening is a source of pure pleasure to me. My hobby, gardening is not only delightful to me but also delightful to nature.

Essay on My Favourite Hobby in 300 Words:

 • Selection of hobby: Stamp-collecting 

My favourite hobby is stamp-collecting. I choose this for than one reason. Stamp-collecting is interesting as well as educative. A hobby is a pursuit followed for pleasure, not for profit. If variety is said to be the spice of life, then a hobby provides one with a welcome change. A hobby is an occupation in which one is one’s own master. No times are bound; no restrictions are imposed. If one succeeds, it is so pleasant; if one fails, it hardly matters.

During the past few years, hobbies have undergone a drastic change. There are varieties of hobbies. But in recent times, hobbies like – stamp collecting, autograph collecting, photography, fishing, travelling etc have become quite popular. 

Well, my favourite hobby is stamp collecting. Since I was a school boy, I have been collecting stamps for sheer pleasure. The stamps are stored in six fat books which are my most precious things to be adored. The collection includes certain rare stamps of some foreign countries. Some people can not see anything in stamp-collecting.

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But there are several positive aspects of this hobby. It is interesting and evocative too. It is cheap and does not take a lot of space or require expensive tools. Through the collecting of stamps we can travel the world over and cultivate the history, geography, culture of the various countries. Moreover, appreciation of art is cultivated through stamp-collecting as many stamps are the miniature of artistic gems. Even some knowledge of painting and engraving can be gained.

Many stamps illustrate scenes and incidents from the history and thus they teach us history. Many stamps portray famous buildings and architecture. It is obvious that geography can be learned from stamps. Above all, the stamp-collecting hobby develops the human qualities like – patience, orderliness, neatness. So much are its positive impact that character and knowledge can be broadened through stamp-collecting. In my leisure time, I usually sit down with my precious collection of stamps which are not only delightful but they have their story to tell. 

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