Students and Social Services Paragraph

 Students and Social Services Paragraph

Students and Social Services

Man has always identified himself as a social being. He always strives to live in a better society. Students who are the prospective bright citizens of tomorrow have important roles to play in the society.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to learn his lessons. The students should study their lessons with devotion and sincerity. But it does not mean that a student should always confine in books and be quite indifferent to the call of the society.

It is the moral duty of a student to respond to the need of the society without serious disturbance of their studies. Students are expected to rise above self-interest and discrimination of class conflict. Our history always tells us that a huge number of students devoted themselves in the service of their country. Today, the need for fight for freedom is over, but many social services are to be executed.

It is the duty of a student to render services to the victims of accidents and natural disasters. A student should spread the knowledge of education among the poor illiterate people. They can involve themselves in literary and health check-up camps.

The students have the big responsibility to take care their social surroundings and give more importance to keep their surroundings hygienic and eco-friendly. Moreover, they have an important role to launch campaigns and conduct seminars against the social evils of dowry, superstitions, drug addiction, casteism, communalism etc. So, the students should take part in these social services because it contains much practical education values.

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