A Boat Journey Paragraph

A boat journey can be very interesting journey for one who gets its first experience. At the same time a boat journey can appear as adventurous as well as frightening for some individual. But in candid situation under a moonlit night with cooling breeze, a boat journey gives a refreshing experience. Here is a boat journey paragraph.

Here is a boat journey in 200 and 300 words

A Boat Journey Paragraph in 200 words

It was the month of December when I went to visit Taki with my four friends. We went there by car. In the afternoon, we decided to enjoy a boat journey on the open river. So, we hired a boat. It was on the river Ichhamati. On one side of the river it was India and the other side was Bangladesh.

It was the moonlit evening. A gentle breeze was blowing. The boat moved gently. There were ripples on water. After sometimes, I found myself far away from the river bank. The splash of waves, the reflection of moonbeams and  stars above in the sky created a beautiful sight. I felt a wave of happiness. My friend, Arun started singing. It gave us an aesthetic pleasure.

Now and then fishing boats were crossing us. Some of them were from India and some from Bangladesh. I felt little afraid when our boat was tossing on the river. We enjoyed the journey for two hours. At last our boat reached the river bank. It was a memorable journey for us. 

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A Boat Journey Paragraph in 300 words

A Boat Journey

There is a saying that variety is the spice of life. That is why changes are required to add variety in our monotonous life. With this purpose, we decided to arrange a boat journey with my family. 
We don’t usually get frequent scopes to experience a boat journey now-a-days. I had a long cherished desire to have a boat journey in moonlit night. Such an opportunity came sooner than I expected. In my winter vacation I was going to the house of uncle in the countryside.

It was almost dusk when I reached the ferry-ghat. I had never before experienced a journey by boat. So, I was excited and a bit nervous too. 

The river was full to the brim. When the boat set off, the sun had already sunk in the western horizon. The boat moved on gently leaving the bank of the river. I tried to see the bank of the other side. But all could I see was water and water. The ripples seemed to entice me to touch them with fingertips. The atmosphere seemed celestial under the moonlit sky. Looking at the western horizon, my father started reciting,  “water … water… everywhere…….”.

The moon encircled numerous stars clearly visible on the water. There was a divine serenity. I could only hear the splashing sounds of waves, murmur of waves. As we reached in the deep river, the boat was swaying up and down with waves. The boatman started singing “Bhatiali”. 

I will never forget such mesmerizing atmosphere during my boat journey. The journey thrilled me long after I had descended from the boat. It was really a wonderful experience.

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