Paragraph on Importance of Trees

Paragraph on Importance of Trees in Our Life

Importance of Trees in Our Life 

Trees are regarded as true beneficial friends for human civilisation. The survival of human civilisation depends on trees to a great extent. Nature is perhaps the holy friend in sustaining human life on this earth. Trees and plants are useful in several ways for the prosperous existence of man.

The green leaves of shaddy trees which are the place of solace to weary travellers, regulate rain-fall. The roots of trees keep soil together and prevent erosion. Trees provide us oxygen which is very essential for our respiration and absorb poisonous carbon dioxide gas exhaled by us and thus maintain the ecological balance by keeping the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Varieties of medicines are prepared from medical plants like Neem, Tulsi, Aloevera, Sinkona etc. Ofcourse, wood of trees are very much needed for the of fuel and structural purposes; but big trees should have to be preserved for maintaining ecological balance. But it is matter of grave concern that now-a-days trees are cut down mercilessly to build cities and roads. With the increase in human population, the natural environment has been plundered recklessly.

The world is getting industrialized at a very fast pace. Added to this is the poisonous smoke emitted from countless cars and factories destroying our natural environment.

Thus, the remedy lies in social forestry, planting trees at a fast rate. The movement like “Chipko” – a kind of civil and non-violent resistance for preserving the tress has become very essential for reducing the effect of global-warming. The green earth is to be restored and protected from the emissions of greenhouse gases by planting more trees. Man must preserve trees and plants or he will perish. 

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