Mystery of Stolen Purse Story

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Mystery of A Stolen Purse Story Writing 


Mystery of a Stolen Purse Story with Moral. 

Title:           The Mystery of Stolen Purse 

Once a rich businessman lived in a town. He had many servants in his house. One day he went to sleep at night and kept his purse with lot of money in his unlocked drawer as usual. All the servants knew it. But the businessman believed his servants. When he woke up in the morning, he found his purse missing. His suspicion fell on the servants but he could not identify the culprit.

So he decided to take the help of the police. The police officer heard the whole incident and agreed to find out the culprit. 

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The next day the police officer called all the servants in the police station. When they reached there the officer gave each of them a stick of equal length. He said, “These are magic sticks. The stick of the thief will grow by one inch next day. Visit me again in the police station on the next morning with each of your stick.” All the servants went home.

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The thief became restless and worried. He thought of a plan and cut his stick by one inch. When all the servants came to the police station on the next morning, the stick of the thief was found one inch shorter and was caught quite easily. He was punished then and lost his job.

Moral: Dishonesty can not be suppressed. 

Or, Dishonesty is the worst policy. 

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