Paragraph on A Visit to Museum

An Essay on a Visit to Museum 

Paragraph on Visit to Museum 

A visit to museum is really a thrilling experience to see the antique things as well as artistic, cultural and scientific things displayed for public interest. The chance came sooner than expected. Last vacation, I went to visit the Indian Museum on the Chowringhee Road in Kolkata. The building itself is an impressive mansion. Before securing our tickets, I first appeared before the Archeological gallery. It presented our national heritage - the old Buddhist figures and carvings. One can see here the Great Ashoka's Pillars with edicts on them. I was impressed greatly with the torso of Kaniska, the Kushan King. I had a peep into some of gold and silver coins from the Guptas. 

The weapons used by the Rajput reminded me of their chivalry. In one place I saw the mummy from Egypt. The ruins of Taxila, Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are kept here as specimens. They tell us about the dawn of human civilisation. In the zoological gallery, I saw the skeletons of dinosaurs, whales, elephants and horses of pre-historic time. The gallery of fine arts displays the rare works of famous artists like Abanindranath, Rabindranath, Nandalal and Jamini Roy. I felt extremely amazed at the sight of a piece of cotton-cloth used about 6000 years ago. Here we read the history of the events of ancient days. I was amazed to see how beautifully all these things have been kept. I felt the great museum is a book itself that tells us different stories from history, science, fine arts and many more. It was really a pleasing experience to visit the museum. 

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