A Severe Cyclonic Amphan Hit West Bengal

Write a newspaper report on the severe cyclonic Amphan that hit West Bengal.
The points covered in this article --
■ what is Amphan 
■ origin of Amphan 
■ impact of Amphan 
■ destruction caused by Amphan 
■ steps taken in rescue act

A Severe Cyclonic Amphan Hit West Bengal
-- By Staff Reporter

Kolkata, 23rd May,20: The deadly punch of Amphan hit as an extremely severe cyclonic storm on Wednesday afternoon on West Bengal and some parts of Bangladesh  and Odisha causing extensive damage to life, structures, houses and trees.
   The cyclonic storm, got the name Amphan which means 'sky' from Thailand, intensified as super cyclonic storm on Monday in the deep sea of Bay of Bengal. The storm is formed as the super cyclone in the Bay of Bengal since 1999. Amphan made landfall on Wednesday lashing the coastal areas with ferocious wind and torrential rain. The storm Amphan had made its prey the parts of West Bengal and Odisha and the areas in south-west Bangladesh with the sustainable howling winds gusting upto 185 km/h. Thousands of trees were uprooted, electricity and telephone lines had been brought down, houses were flattened and millions of people were plunged into darkness without power supply due to the impact of Amphan. The city of joy now wears a destructive look with water logged roads, uprooted trees, broken houses and window panes among other severity. At least 72 people have died in West Bengal and left a trail of destruction and damage in several districts. The number of death tolls may have been much more had it not been for the evacuation of 500000 people in West Bengal in the school buildings and relief camps. The Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal said that most of the 72 deaths had been caused by electrocution and falling trees. The rescue teams had been deployed in the affected districts for restoration of infrastructure and services. The state government made a fund of Rs 1000-crore to repair damaged embankments, houses and restore water and electric supply. 

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