The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done

Paragraph on the craziest thing you have ever done by you in your life.

Craziest Thing in My Life Paragraph

If there is any mystery in life, it is life itself. And life without craziness deprives us to taste the joy of liberty and achieve success. A sense of craziness is very much a matter of inborn temperament. It can also be cultivated like any other abstract quality of a character.

It depends upon us whether we extract the best from a particular situation with our own impulse of craziness. A constructive craziness can develop an attitude of looking at the bright side of things instead of dark one.

            In my case I felt the presence of craziness in innumerable situations. But the craziest experience I have ever done in life related to a rescue act in a flood victim village. The sense of craziness vehemently opposed any restraint to go out to help the victims. The craziness of mind denounced all types of barriers.

So, I joined a relief party to rescue the flood victims of a village in Medinipur district. I along with my friends had a boat at our disposal and was entrusted with the work of saving people from nature’s fury. The plight of the flood-stricken people, loss of lives, destruction of houses created a sense of craziness in me. The difficult situation had almost wrecked my happiness and provoked me to do the craziest act in my life. On the very first day I rescued many people and shifted them in safe place.

The most craziest fact was that I spent the whole night on the top of a tree as the whole area was submerged in water. I spent the sleepless night sitting on tree. It was nothing but the craziest act which I rendered for helping the distressed people.

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