Story on A Blind Lady And A Dishonest Doctor With Moral

This is a story on a blind lady and a dishonest doctor. The lady had just become blind and a doctor came to treat her with a condition to be paid enough if the doctor was able to bring back her lost eyesight. 

Write a story on a blind lady who lost her eye-sight and a dishonest doctor with moral. 

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A Blind Woman and a Dishonest Doctor with Moral 

Once upon a time, an old lady lived in a house beautifully decorated with costly furniture. She, however, had a week eyesight which grew feeble day by day. The old woman was nearly blind from a disease of her eyes.

She consulted a doctor and the lady agreed with the doctor on the condition that if she would be cured then she would pay him a lump sum of money. But if she would not be cured then she would pay him nothing. The doctor readily agreed and the treatment started immediately.

Actually, the doctor was very dishonest. Everyday the doctor used to visit her house for treatment and he used to take away a beautiful costly furniture. In this way, the last piece of furniture was finally taken away. At last the lady got cured and the doctor became earnest to get his fees.

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But when the lady saw that all her valuable furniture were gone, she decided to teach the doctor a lesson. She refused to pay the doctor his fees. Then the doctor went to the court to get his dues. The judge called her and said, “Madam, your eyes are now cured.

Then, why are you not paying this gentleman his fees?” In reply to the judge’s question, the lady came with defence, “My Lord, I want to pay the doctor his fees if he cures me. Yet I have not got back my vision. Before my blindness, I could see my costly furniture in my house. But now I can not see anything. So my eyesight is not restored at all.” The judge ultimately understood all the matter and gave verdict in her favour. 


Dishonesty never pays.

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