Letter to friend describing how you spent lockdown

Write a letter to your friend describing your experiences in lockdown time. 

Letter to friend describing how you spent your days in lockdown. 

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My Dear Arun, 

     Your sweet letter has just anchored in the shore of my heart and I am glad to know that your family is in sound health. You are curious to know about my experiences in the lockdown period. Strange isn’t it? All these months have passed without meeting and spending time with friends. It is a new experience of being self confined. 

        Let Heaven be thanked that all my family members are safe from Covid-19. I must admit that it is a tortuous to go through this experience. Christ was right when He observed, “O God, never put anyone to test.” But it is a testing time for our survival. Now, that I have settled down properly in the new ways of life and I thought of telling you how my days were spent. 

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       My days in the lockdown are both pleasant and agonising. Staying at home, following the Government rules, I had been able to do a lot to pursue my hobbies along with my studies. I built a new garden in front of my house. I had planted many seedlings which have continued to blossom. I had the world of time to read new books.

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This time I also tried some recipes. Along with all these things, I attended my online virtual classes. I also made conscious effort to keep myself fit and healthy during this lockdown time.

Without going anywhere unnecessarily, I spent more valuable time with my family by playing indoor games and having fun with them. Such a time, of course, broadens my mental horizons as well as proves useful spending more time with my family. 

         I want to stop here with the hope that we will overcome this pandemic situation soon to get into the normal course of life happily and healthily. 

                                Yours ever, 

Arun Saha

 C/O- Ratan Saha         

21, A. J. C. Street

Kol – 07                         

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