Interchange of Affirmative and Negative Sentence; Transformation

Transformation of Sentences Affirmative to Negative Rules 

■How to Change Affirmative Sentence to Negative Rules:

Transformation of Sentences Affirmative to Negative Rules with Examples:

Affirmative Sentences can be transformed into Negative Sentences or Negative Sentences can be transformed into Affirmative Sentences without altering the sense in the following ways:

(A) By removing or using the adverb ‘too’:-

(i) Affirmative:- He spoke too fast to be understood. 

Negative:- He spoke so fast that he could not be understood. 

(ii) Affirmative:- The boy is too tiny to reach the branches of the tree.

Negative:- The boy is so tiny that he can not reach the branches of the tree.

(iii) Affirmative:- The news is too good to be believed.

Negative:- The news is so good that it can not be believed. 

(iv) Affirmative:- The boss is too generous. 

Negative:- The boss is more generous than he ought to be.

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(B) By using a word of opposite meaning after a negative word or by the use of double negative:

(i) Affirmative:- I believe that you have done your best.
Negative:- I do not disbelieve that you have done your best.

(ii) Affirmative:- Everybody will admit that he is an honest boy.
Negative:- Nobody will deny that he is an honest boy.

(iii) Affirmative:- Sometimes he acts foolishly.
Negative:- He does not always act intelligently.

(iv) Affirmative:- We tried every plan.
Negative:- We did not leave any plan untired.

(C) By changing ‘Only’ to ‘None but’ :

(i) Affirmative:- Only a fool can do this.
Negative:- None but a fool can do this.

(ii) Affirmative:- Only a rich man can afford such luxury.
Negative:- None but a rich can afford such luxury.

(iii) Affirmative:- Only a rough can behave so cruelly.
Negative:- None but a rough can behave so cruelly.

(iv) Affirmative:- Only the brave deserve the praise.
Negative:- None but the brave deserve the praise.

(D) By using ‘no sooner…..than’ for ‘as soon as’

(i) Affirmative:- As soon as the curtain went up, the play started.
Negative:- No sooner did the curtain go up (had the curtain gone up), than the play started.

(ii) Affirmative:- As soon as I saw the advertisement, I  applied for the post.
Negative:- No sooner did I see the advertisement than I applied for the post.

(iii) Affirmative:- As soon as the rain started, we went to home.
Negative:- No sooner did the rain start than we went to home.

(E) By interchangeing the degrees of comparison:

(i) Affirmative:- Kolkata is the largest city of India.
Negative:- No other city of India is as large as Kolkata.

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(ii) Affirmative:- The Shatabdi Express is the fastest train on this route.
Negative:- No other train on this route is as fast as the Shatabdi Express.

(iii) Affirmative:- Honesty is more important than any other virtue.
Negative:- No other virtue is as important as honesty.

(iv) Affirmative:- Shakespeare is the most famous dramatist in English literature.
Negative:- No other dramatist is as famous as Shakespeare in English literature. 

(F) By interchanging the Assertive and Interrogative sentence:

(i) Affirmative:- Should we forget our freedom fighters?
Negative:- We should not forget our freedom fighters.

(ii) Affirmative:- The minister himself cleared the road.
Negative:- Did not the minister clear the road?

(iii) Affirmative:- He is a great fool.
Negative:- Is he not a great fool?

(G) Some other method:

(i) Affirmative:- But for your help he would have failed.
Negative:- If you had not helped him, he would have failed.

(ii) Affirmative:- Wherever there is smoke, there is fire.
Negative:- There is no smoke without fire.

(iii) Affirmative:- Every dark cloud has a silver lining.
Negative:- There is no dark cloud without silver lining.

(iv) Affirmative:- Brutus loved Caesar.
Negative:- Brutus was not without love for Caesar.

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Transformation of Sentences Affirmative to Negative Exercise:

Transform the sentences from Affirmative to  Negative and vice versa:

(i) I shall always remember my native land.

(ii) The boy was too kind to kill any animal.

(iii) Only the adults are allowed to enter the hall.

(iv) As soon as I reached home, it started raining in torrents.

(v) Gold is more valuable than silver.

(vi) I shall never forget his generosity.

(vii) I left no question untried.

(viii) No sooner did they see the police than they fled.

(ix) None but the coward is afraid of death.

(x) I was not sure that it was my friend.

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