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Letter to the Editor about the Importance of Afforestation 

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The Editor

The Statesman


Sub: Importance of Afforestation 


   Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to ventilate my deep concern about the ever increasing problem of deforestation and my views on the importance of afforestation or planting more trees in recent times to make the environment green and healthy. 

   Since his coming on earth, man has made an integral bond between him and nature. The existence of man on earth largely depends on forests. All types of life directly or indirectly are indebted to them. But with the growth of civilisation, man has been exploiting nature only for his comforts.

So the forests are gradually proceeding towards extinction as the man is felling trees unrelentingly and thoughtlessly. As the result of deforestation, the harmful effects like soil erosion, scarcity of rainfall, unnatural floods, lack of ecological balance, global warming are very much evident in today’s world. What is needed as a remedy, is a serious awarness of afforestation.

The observance of Government-sponsored movement of afforestation or Vana-Mahatsava should be implemented seriously now-a-days. The importance of trees is such that it will ensure the supply of wood, fuel, oxygen as well as will save the human race from certain impending disaster. 

   So, I earnestly request you to take your mighty pen to draw the attention of the government to take strong and stringent measures to curb out the serious problem of deforestation and come out with positive afforestation programme.

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Thanking you 

Yours faithfully, 

 Arun Dasgupta

12/1 Maniktala Lane

Kolkata – 01

04 May, 2021

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