How to correct spelling of words

How to Correct Spelling of Words

How to  Improve spelling of words

There are few rules to improve the spelling of words and develop the skill to make correct spelling of words. So, follow the rules and improve the spelling of words


Mono-syllable (one syllable) words that end in a consonant preceded by a single vowel letter, double the consonant before a suffix beginning with vowel. 

Examplebig – bigger, run – runner, hid – hidden, rob – robber, sad – sadden, beg – begger. 


Words with more than one-syllable follow the Rule1 if the word is accented on the last consonant. 

Example: admit – admitted, begin – beginning, occur – occurred, regret – regrettable, permit – permitted, control – controller, refer – referred, commit – committed

Exception: suffer – suffering, differ – differed, credit – credited, visit – visited, limit – limited, develop – developed, offer – offered


If the words end in consonant preceded by two vowel letters, the consonant does not double before any suffix. 

Example: sweet – sweeten, beat – beating, read – reader


The final ‘y’ of a word changes to ‘i’ before any suffix (except – ing, ish) if it is preceded by a consonant. But ‘y’ remains unchanged before any suffix if it is preceded by a vowel. 

Example: apply – applied, carry – carried, accompany – accompaniment, study – studious, fancy – fanciful, fury – furious, merry – merriment, happy – happiness, marry – marriage

In case of ‘ing’ or ‘ish’ ending, ‘y’ does not change. 

Example: baby – babyish, copy – copying, try – trying


Words end with ‘y’ does not change to ‘i’ if it is preceded by vowel.

Example: buy – buyer, journey- journeyed, betray – betrayal, buy – buyer

Exception: say – said, day – daily, pay – paid, gay – gaiety


When the combination of ‘ie’ is pronounced as ‘ee’, then ‘i’ is put before ‘e’; except after ‘c’ when the combination of ‘ei’ is used.

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Example: belief, achieve, brief, grief, mischief, relieve, relief, thief, piece, grieve, priest 

‘C’ before the combination of ‘ei’

Example: receive, conceit, perceive, deceit, receipt, conceive


If the combination of ‘ie’ does not pronounce as ‘ee’, then ‘e’ is put before ‘i’ 

Example: foreign, height, leisure, reign, sovereign, weight, neighbour, veil, feign 


If a word ends in ‘l’ preceded by only one vowel, the ‘l’ is doubled before adding suffix beginning with vowel. 

Example: rebel – rebellious, jewel – jeweller, quarrel- quarrelled,  impel – impelled 


Words that end with silent ‘e’, drop the ‘e’ before adding suffix. 

Example: live – living, move – moved, hope – hoping,  due – duly,  argue – argument 

Words Commonly Confused In Spelling 

Here is a list of words which are commonly misspelt. These are frequently used in day to day life. Even these are tested in the examination. So all these should be followed carefully to get the correct spelling of these very useful words. So improve the spelling of these very useful words. 

(A) Choose the correct spellings:

(1) (a) abundance (b) abandance (c) abundence (d) abundunce 

(2) (a) hinderanc (b) hindrance (c) hinderence (d) hinderance 

(3) (a) omitted (b) ommited (c) ommitted (d) ometed 

(4) (a) aggresion (b) agresion (c) aggression (d) agression 

(5) (a) adolescence (b) adolesence (c) adoleiscene (d) adolascene 

(6) (a) proffessional (b) proffesional (c) profesional (d) professional

(7) (a) quarreled (b) quaralled (c) quarralled (d) quarrelled

(8) (a) appology (b) apology (c) apollogy (d) appollogy 

(9) (a) seperated (b) sepereted (c) separated (d) seprated 

(10) (a) humrous (b) humorus (c) humorous (d) humourous 

Answers: 1. (a)   2. (b)  3. (a)  4. (c)  5. (a)  6. (d)  7. (d)  8. (b)  9. (c)  10. (c)

(B) Choose the correct spellings:

(1) (a) consentious (b) conscientious (c) conscientous (d) consientious 

(2) (a) anniversary (b) aniversary (c) aniverssary (d) anniverssary 

(3) (a) appreciation (b) apreciation (c) apretiation (d) apprecattion 

(4) (a) gazatte (b) gazette (c) gazete (d) gazet 

(5) (a) miscellaneous (b) miscelaneous (c) miscelanous (d) mislanious 

(6) (a) accomodation (b) acomodation (c) acommodation (d) accommodation 

(7) (a) persuit (b) pursuit (c) pursuet (d) persuet 

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(8) (a) appearance (b) apparance (c) apearance (d) appearence 

(9) (a) beurocracy (b) burocracy (c) bureaucracy (d) buroocracy 

(10) (a) catelogue (b) cattelogue (c) catlogue (d) catalogue 

Answers: 1. (b)  2. (a)  3. (a)  4. (b)  5. (a)  6. (d)  7. (b)  8. (a)  9. (c)  10. (d) 

(C) Choose the correct spellings:

(1) (a) deceive (b) decieve (c) diceive (d) dicieve 

(2) (a) aceleration (b) accelration (c) acselration (d) acceleration 

(3) (a) cigarette (b) ciggarette (c) cigiratte (d) cigarete 

(4) colleague (b) coleague (c) collegue (d) colegue 

(5) (a) ocassion (b) occasion (c) occassion (d) occession 

(6) (a) schedule (b) schidule (c) schedulle (d) schdule 

(7) acquisetion (b) acquestion (c) acquistion (d) acquisition 

(8) (a) guarentee (b) guarantee (c) guarante (d) guarantee

(9) (a) suprintendent (b) suprintendant (c) superintendant (d) superintendent 

(10) (a) acquantance (b) acqueantance (c) acquaintance (d) acquaintence 

Answers: 1. (a)  2. (d)  3. (a)  4. (a)  5. (b)  6. (a)  7. (d)  8. (b)  9. (d)  10. (c)

(D) Choose the correct spellings:

(1) (a) ecstacy (b) ecstasy (c) estasy (d) ecstesy 

(2) (a) receipte (b) receipt (c) reciept (d) recipt 

(3) (a) hypocrisy (b) hypocresy (c) hipocrisy (d) hipocracy 

(4) (a) sevaral (b) several (c) savaral (d) severel 

(5) (a) diagnosis (b) diegnosis (c) diagenosis (d) diagnoses 

(6) (a) interupt (b) interrupt (c) intrupt (d) intereupt 

(7) (a) assistence (b) assistance (c) asistence (d) asisstence 

(8) (a) benefecient (b) beneficient (c) benificient (d) beneficent

(9) (a) convenience (b) conveniance (c) convinience (d) conveneance 

(10) (a) exaggerate (b) exeggerate (c) exagerate (d) exaggarate 

Answers: 1. (b)  2. (b)  3. (a)  4. (b)  5. (a)  6. (b)  7. (b)  8. (d)  9. (a)  10. (a)

(E) Choose the correct spellings:

(1) (a) indespensable (b) indespansable (c) indispensable (d) indispansable 

(2) (a) miscellaneous (b) miscelaneous (c) misscellaneous (d) miscellanious 

(3) (a) maintinance (b) maintenance (c) meintenance (d) maintenence 

(4) (a) physique (b) phisique (c) physic (d) physiquee 

(5) (a) techinique (b) teachnique (c) technique (d) technic 

(6) (a) mediterranean (b) mediteranean (c) medaterranean (d) Mediterranean

(7) (a) curriculam (b) curicullam (c) curriculam (d) curriculum

(8) (a) endeavour (b) endevour (c) endavour (d) endeavur 

(9) (a) privelege (b) privilege (c) privalege (d) previlege 

(10) (a) mischievious (b) mischivious (c) mischievous (d) mischiveous 

Answers: 1. (c)  2. (a)  3. (b)  4. (a)  5. (c)  6. (a)  7. (d)  8. (a)  9. (b)  10. (c)

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