Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Essay

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Essay

There is a universal saying that “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. Cleanliness refers to that sort of quality that always helps us to lead a healthy life and even with peace and happiness of mind. It is a kind of good habit that one must encourage himself to follow in his daily life. Parents and teachers need to take a vital role to encourage children to follow the good habit of cleanliness. 

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Essay in 900 Words


Cleanliness and Children:

The message that we must give our children is that we must keep ourselves clean, ans also we must keep ourselves pure. The cleanliness of our bodies and surroundings is one of the principal foundations of purity. We must teach the children that physical cleanliness is important for our good health. The body can only function properly when it cleanses itself of its various waste products. The children must start cleansing process from their childhood with the proper habits of toilet, washing and general cleanliness. 

Rules to Teach Cleanliness:

There are no fixed rules about when to start training children in proper habits of hygiene and cleanliness. Most parents have an intuitive understanding of their children and know when to start and how to guide each children in accordance with his or her age, character and level of development. 

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The Steps of Cleanliness:

The obvious first practical step is when we start teaching the children to use the toilet and and everything that goes with it. This is usually around the age of two or three, sometimes earlier or sometimes later. This is the time to start teaching the child in his language and according to his level of understanding that dirt and waste are not good for health and we must remove them from our bodies and flush them away. 

We must teach the child to clean himself properly, and then throughly wash his hands properly with soap and water. The next step is to encourage the children to follow the practice of cleanliness that he has learnt. 

Washing hands and face after waking up from in the morning, before prayer, before taking breakfast, after attending to our bodily needs, and on other occasions are the integral part of our daily life.

When we should wash our hands:

We should wash our hands carefully after –

● Leaving the toilet or bathroom. 

● Touching garbage and anything dirty.

● Touching an open cut or sore.

● Touching an animal, bird or insect.

● Touching raw meat or fish.

We should wash our hands carefully before –

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● Touching food.

● Eating 

● Tending a cut or sore.

● Inserting or removing contact lenses.

Cleanliness and hygiene  must be maintained at our homes and surroundings. By regularly tidying our homes and collecting the litter in the environment, we can maintain cleanliness and safeguard ourselves from various diseases. Along with safeguarding our health, cleanliness atmosphere helps us to stay relaxed and happy.

As the children grow older and become more understanding, they will know that dirty hands carry millions of tiny microbes and bacterias which are harmful for our health and can cause the diseases like diarrhea, parasites, flu and even more serious illness. Through washing our hands regularly reduces the risk of infection by these diseases. 

Factors that contribute to better standards of hygiene and cleanliness include:

● Adequate supply of water, handwash, soap in the toilet. 

● Adequate supply of brooms, dustbin, phyneil, towels to keep the surface clean in home, office, educational institutions. 

● Wash clothes,  handkerchief regularly.

● Parents should provide the children clean tissues to clean face, nose.

● Everyone must keep in mind to keep their surroundings clean and hygienic and remove garbage. 


Cleanliness and hygiene are so important that it should be maintained at the personal level and in our surroundings. So we must bath, wash, clean clothes regularly and not allow garbage to be accumulated in our surroundings to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. 

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