My Pet Essay

My Pet Essay Different persons have different pet. Pets can be source of entertainment to their master and living with pet can be beneficial experience. It is with the pet, one can spend their pastime by playing, feeding and caring them. 

My Pet Essay

My Pet Essay:

My Favourite Pet - Dog Essay

Pets can be very both physically and emotionally beneficial to their owners. Living with them and caring for them can also be a great experience. 

A pet is an animal whom we keep in our home. I have a pet dog. Its name is Tom. The color of my pet dog is grey. It came to my house when it was only fourteen days old. I fed it milk with spoon. Since then it has become my friend. Now it is two years old. When I return home from school, it licks my legs and sits besides me. Its favourite food is meat. It does not want to take food without meat or fish. Father also loves my pet dog a lot. At night, it guards our house. Morning is the time for its sleep. I love it so much. Sometimes mother rebukes me for giving it so much indulgence. But it has become a member of our family. 

My Pet Essay - Cat:

The cat is my most favourite Pet. It is a very popular pet of people. Cats have been tamed for thousands of years all over the world. But as a domestic animal, the cat is not as faithful and obedient as dog. It is a bit selfish and dishonest. 

The cat is a pretty pet. It looks like the tiger but it is very small. It has a small round head. Its body is covered with soft and silky fur. It has four short legs with sharp claws in its paws. Its small eyes have sharp eye-sight. Its teeth are very sharp. Cats can clearly see even through dark nights. The cat has also a keen sense of hearing. It lives on milk, meat and fish.

I have a pet cat. Its name is Micky. It is gentle and playful and I like to play with it. I regularly brush Its body and feed it from my cup of milk. My pet loves me and moves between my legs, so long as I keep to the kitchen. We love each other deeply. Whatever I eat, my cat must have a share of it. It does much good to us by killing mice in our home. My pet cat, Micky is a source of pleasure and to play with my pet cat is my favourite pastime. 

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