Friendship Paragraph Writing

Friendship Paragraph Writing

Friendship Paragraph Writing

Friendship Paragraph in 150 - 200 Words

Friendship is a sweet bond of relationship that sweetens our life. In this complex world, one can not lead his alone. Whenever he finds himself in trouble, alone or in impasse, he looks to someone to show them the way out. So friendship is a noble virtue that gives the rays of hope in a dismal world. A sincere friend eases one's sorrow and pleases his anguished heart. The most important quality of true friendship is trust and unselfish love for each other. But the real friends can hardly be found in the world. Men who claim friendship at the time of prosperity, are plenty in number. When fortune deserts a person, the so-called friends also bid him good-bye. But they are not true friends. It has been rightly said that "A friend in need is a friend indeed". Today real friendship is on the wane in the virtual world of friendship. In the social sites, though we are gaining many friends but the spirit of true friendship, feeling and co-operation for each other really rare here. This is indeed a great loss for humanity. 

Note: A friend in need is a friend indeed

Friendship Paragraph Writing

True Friendship Paragraph in 250 -300 Words

Everyday we meet and mix with many people but everybody is not our true friend. True friendship is not very common. Some special qualities are essential for developing true friendship. 
A friend is a person, usually of the same age whom one loves and likes as companion. The saying "a friend in need is a friend indeed" means a friend who helps one when one needs help is a true friend. Man is a social animal. So he lives with his relations. There may not be a blood relation between two friends, yet it may be a better relations between two souls if the relation is true,selfless. A true friend increases our happiness in prosperity, likewise he diminishes our misery in adversity. A true friend always encourages when we take up good and noble acts and defers our evil and ignoble activities. 
The most important quality of true friendship is trust and unselfish love for each other. The friend must find in themselves some qualities and personality traits for which both of them can feel interested to each other. Secondly, the friends be in constant touch and loyal to each other. They should be beside each other in their well and woe. Thirdly, the friends must have confidence in each other and share their thoughts and feelings. Lastly, but no less importantly, there should be mutual help and co-operation between the friends. True friends must encourage and inspire other friends for making a mark in life and to be a good citizen of the country. 
But such true friends are really rare now. Most of the friends are selfish and not loyal. We should be very careful about such friends. 

Note: The most important quality if true friendship is trust and unselfish love for each other

Paragraph on Friendship in 350 - 400 Words

Man is a social being. He is always find of company. Hence he feels the need for friends. Friendship is an identity of souls. P. B. Shelley in his poem "Mutability" has said, "Friendship, how rare!". Man wants parents to bring him up. He wants relatives to delight him. But he needs friends to gladden him always by his constant company. Friendship, is a bond between two human beings. It makes both of them happier human beings. 

Friendship is based on mutual attraction and it rests on commonness of tastes and temperament. But a true friend is very rare. So Shakespeare in "As you like it" said, "Most friendship is feigning". True friendship is established on love and it is everlasting. Just as light drives out darkness, so the mere presence of friends drives away annuities and sorrows from our heart. A true friend is unselfish, frank and honest. A true friend always rejoices at his friend's success. He is never jealous of him. A true friend gives us right and timely suggestion without fear or favour. True friendship thrives as much on encouragement as on criticism. A true friend criticizes us and thus bring out the best in us. True friends stand by us when we are overwhelmed with grief. By sharing our sorrows, a true friend alleviates our grief. So, about a true friend, Shakespeare has written in "Timon of Athens" :

"I am not of that feather to shake off
My friend when he most needs me"

Now, if we look at the other side of the picture, we see that there are friends who drag us down if we are not careful and alert. It is said that "prosperity gains friends". So we must be very careful about 'fair-weather friends'. In history we find many examples of infidelity of friends. So Alexander Pope has rightly said, " Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends ". In fact, a false friend pretends friendship but at the time of dire need deserts his friends. He is insincere, dishonest and selfish. But there is no unmixed good or evil. If some friends disappoint us, there are many others to sweeten our lives. 

Friendship Quotes: I am not of that feather to shake off / My friend when he most needs me.


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