The Dog and the Shadow Story Writing with Moral

The Dog and the Shadow Story Writing with Moral 

The Dog and the Shadow

Title: The Dog and the Bone

One day, a dog stole a piece of bone from a meatshop. The dog was very glad and wanted to reach home fast to enjoy the bone in peace. 

On his way, he came across a stream. He then came to a bridge over the stream holding the bone in his mouth. When he was crossing the bridge, he saw his own reflection in the clear water below. The foolish dog thought that it was another dog with another piece of bone in his mouth. 

The dog then became very greedy to get it. He thought, "Oh, this dog seems to have got a better bone than me. I must try to get that bone too from him. It would be a grand feast".

The dog started to think more about acquiring the other bone. Finally, he decided to snatch it from the other dog in the water below. So, the dog opened his mouth to bark. He barked at him and his own piece of bone fell into the water below. He too fell down in his attempt to get the bone back. The bone was carried away by the strong current of water.

The greedy dog who could have simply enjoyed his piece of bone, lost not only his prized possession, but also found himself struggling in the water. 

He realised that he had been really foolish in his conduct. His greediness made him suffer. Then the dog went away very disappointed. 

Moral: It is not good to be greedy.

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