Autobiography of a school A Short Essay in 300 Words

Autobiography of a School In 300 Words

In this article, we can find a short essay in 300 words about the autobiography of a school. School is a place of learning and enlighten your mind and soul. We can enriched ourselves with knowledge and manners that we gather in school. But it is very interesting to think over an autobiography of a school. Let's start.

Autobiography of a school

How to write an autobiography of my school an essay

Autobiography of a School 


'Namaskar', 'Namaskara', 'Namaste', I am your ....................... (school name) whose name you often take with a feeling of pride and high esteem. Today, I am very happy to share my vast experience of past and my different shades of feelings with you. 

Early Life of School:
     In 1945, on the eve of India's long cherished freedom when the Indians as well as the Bengalees were inundated in the darkness of illiteracy, then I was born with a noble mission to spread the light of education on the people irrespective of caste, creed and religion. 

Later life of School:

    Days went by and I started to grow up keeping in mind to build up enough human resources in the locality. Besides, the people often talk about my incomparable beauty and my eye-catching architecture. I am proud to say that in 1947, the Calcutta University took care of me and later on I got my acknowledgment from the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. 

The Feelings of a School:

    I am like a nest to so many boys and girls who are like birds come to the nest and fill it with their twittering sound. Nothing can give me more pleasure than to see their happy smiling faces. Every day it is the very moment of nourishment when all my boys and girls proudly chaunt the National Anthem. 

The Expectations of a School:

     As I grew up, I felt an inexplicable expectation from the people of locality and the well-wishers and I am happy to say that I spread my branches as the West Bengal Higher Secondary Council accepted me in the year 2002. Since then I never looked back and always strives for excellence. In 2007, I got another high esteem to my crown in the field of Vocational Education. 


     Time has flown away slowly but swiftly. Now, I have stepped into the era where my essence of glory and my existence are being celebrated with an oath not to dwindle my glory at any cost.

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