Autobiography of An Owl Paragraph

Autobiography of An Owl Paragraph 

Autobiography of an owl

How to write paragraph on the autobiography of an owl

An Autobiography of An Owl 

I am an owl. I am even known as a nocturnal bird. In day time, I normally remain out of sight. My activity starts at night. I roam in the forest searching for food and enjoy the silence of night. In moonlit night I enjoy the interplay of light and shade. When I see a mouse scampering about, I feel happy at the sight of the food. The clear sky, the moon above head, the silent forest make me hoot which breaks the silence of the night. But the people take it as an ominous cry. Actually very few like us remain active at night. I enjoy the very calmness and serenity of the night because I like to remain far from the noisy crowds. I feel elated when I am worshipped along with Devi Laxmi by the Hindus. 

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