Wildlife Conservation Essay

Importance of Wildlife Conservation Essay

Wildlife Conservation Essay

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          • Essay on Conservation of wildlife 
           • Why Wildlife is important 
           • The causes of wildlife decline 
           • Steps to protect wildlife 

Essay on Conservation of wildlife 

Wildlife is an essential and integral part of nature. So conservation  of wildlife is an important aspect to pay more attention today. The wild birds, animals, insects and reptiles help to maintain ecological balance in nature and environment. God has not created them without purpose. All these species have their respective and definite roles to play in the larger scheme of things. We should not forget that man is also an animal; but social, intelligent and rational. Ofcourse, man is the crown of creation. But flora and fauna are senior to man. They are as good and essential part of nature as we. They are a constant and renewable source of food, medicine and protection of environment. That is why the wildlife world finds such an important place in country's art, culture, religion, literature and mythology.  Without them more than half the charm of human life would be destroyed. But the global population of birds, fish mammals, reptiles have fallen by an average of 60% over the last few decades as the report published by the World Wide Fund of Nature. Many valuable animals have become extinct and many are on the verge of extinction. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has compiled a list of species and has classified the different species under extinct, critically endangered, less endangered, vulnerable, near threatened and least concern. This list is called the Red Data Book.

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■ The Major Causes of Wildlife Decline:

There are many major factors that lead to the extinction of many rare and valuable species of wildlife world. If we go back to the past, we may find that in many countries of Africa and Asia, the tradition of hunting was celebrated with extravaganza. Once it was an integral part of their folk culture to hunt the wild animals.  The irrational tradition of hunting left an uncompromised loss for the future to come. It seems that we are paying the price of brutal tradition of our ancestors. 

One of the major causes for the decline of wildlife is ever increasing trends of urbanization. With the increase of human population, the natural environment has been plundered recklessly. The world is getting industrialized at a very fast pace. This has taken a heavy toll on the wildlife world. The reckless destruction of forests and ever increasing effect of global-warming have destroyed and endangered the habitat of wildlife animals. The green earth is to be restored and protected to protect the wildlife. 

Another major reason of declining of wildlife is the illegal act of poaching. The poachers kill animals for trading of animal's valuable body parts like fur, skin, meat, bone, teeth etc.

According to the familiar theory of evolution, the source of life emerged from sea. Even, the majority of life has been prevailing deep under the sea. But the pollution created from plastic, industrial waste, pesticides, extraction of oil from refineries and ships has endangered the aquatic animals. 

■ Steps taken for conservation of wildlife 

Today, the need of conserving wildlife has become very essential for survival of environment and maintain fundamental laws of Darwin's evolution. Considering the importance of wildlife, the UN declared to observe the World Wildlife Day on 3rd March in 2013. The main objective to celebrate the World Wildlife Day is to maintain the balance of flora and fauna of the environment. The extinction of many species of wildlife in India has sounded warning bells. The Zoological Survey of India with its headquarters in Kolkata and 16 regional stations spread over, for surveying the fauna resources of the country. The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 governs the wildlife conservation and protection of endangered species both inside and outside the forest. Under this act, trade in rare and endangered species has been banned. 
Though illegal activities like hunting, poaching and trading of animals can be reduced to some extent with this type of wildlife protection act; but the human consciousness should be raised to protect the wildlife animals. Many countries have already taken initiative to save the wildlife animals by launching different campaigns. In India, the campaign like Tiger Project helps the tiger from extinction to some extent. Therefore, we need more projects and more wildlife-lovers and organisations to come forward to stop devastating calamity before we wake up from foolish stupor. 

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