Letter to Bank Manager for Account Transfer

Application to Bank Manager for Account Transfer 

Letter to Bank Manager for Account Transfer

How to write application to bank manager for transfer of account 

Today it is very common that every individual has his/her own Bank account for financial transactions. Sometimes, it does happen that we need to transfer our current bank account to another bank for various reasons like - shifting for new location, convenience for business or service purposes etc. 

So today, I would like to guide you how to write an application letter to bank manager for transfer of account from one bank to another bank. For this purpose you need to write a formal application Letter to your current bank addressing the Manager of the bank with branch name. Then you have to state the reason for transfer of bank account. You have to submit the passbook, cheque book, ATM Card, identity proof and mobile number along with the application letter.

Here is the list of requirements to transfer the bank account:

    • A formal application letter to bank manager
    • Identify proof

    • Passbook 

    • ATM Card

    • Cheque book

    • Passport size photo 

Here is the sample application letter for transfer of account:

The Manager 
[Name of the Bank]
[Name of the Branch]
Date: ------------

Sub: Application for Transfer of Bank Account 


         In connection with the above as mentioned in the subject, I like to state most respectfully that my account has been maintained in your bank branch for a long time for different financial transactions with the bank regularly. My account number is [xxxxxxxxxx] in the name of [account holder name]. But off late I shifted from my earlier house to a new house in [new location name]. So it is not possible for me to operate my account here in [old location name].

          In view of the above referred facts your kind self is hereby requested to transfer my current account to the [new branch name] as I am living near to it. I am sending herewith the passbook and the cheque book for your necessary action. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly solicited. 

Yours faithfully, 
[Your name]

[Your address]

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