A Visit to Historical Place Short Essay

Short essay on visit to a historical place 

Visit to a Historical Place

A Visit to a Historical Place 

What is historical place:

A historical place is a place which is marked and made famous by some historical happenings, reigned by the kings or emperors and may have some historical significance. Visit to such place definitely enriches our historical knowledge and helps the students to gather concrete experiences which they read in books. Today we are going to write about the visiting of two historical places - Visit to historical place Agra and Visit to historical place Murshidabad. 

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● Visit to Historical Place Agra

I had a long cherished dream of visiting Agra since my childhood. The chance came sooner than expected. Agra is famous for many historical monuments and incomparable beauty of the Taj Mahal. Last summer vacation, I had a chance of visiting Agra. I went there with my family members and stayed there for three days. 

      Delhi, specially the Old Delhi, is a place of historical interest. This is the place bears the banner of Incredible India for the tourists. I heard a lot about the matchless beauty of the Taj Mahal. But all descriptions paled into insignificance when I actually saw it before me. The Taj is built of snow-white transparent marble by emperor Shajahan on the grave of his beloved wife Mumtaz Begam. The walls and ceilings are inlaid with precious stones. When we visited the Taj on moonlit night, we could hardly believe our eyes. It is a thing to dream of, beyond description in words. The charm of the Taj has remained matchless for ever. 

    The next day, we visited the Agra Fort, the Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas. We paid a visit to Fatehpur Sikri. Here I saw the ruins of a new capital city built by Akbar in honour of a Muslim saint, Salim Chisti. The most splendid thing this was the gateway of victory with a long flight of steps. We visited the Parliament House. This was my first historical visit to a place but I will ever remember the beauty of the Taj - " A thing of beauty, is a joy for ever".

Visit to Historical Place Murshidabad

Visit to a historical place Murshidabad

India is indeed incredible for its enrichment of culture, tradition and history. To explore the historical landmarks, I went to Murshidabad with my family during the last vacation. 

      Murshidabad is a place named after Nawab Murshidkuli Khan. It is situated at West Bengal, in Eastern India. When I visited palaces, castles, mosques, monuments in Murshidabad, it seemed that I was turning living pages of history reigned by the Nawabs of Bengal. 

     We saw the sight-seeing places by tanga (a cart driven by horse). At first we visited the Hazarduari. It is a huge palatial building built by Nawab Nazim Humayan Jha on the banks of the river Bhagirathi. From our guide I came to know that Hazarduari means a palace with 1000 doors; out of which only 100 doors are real and 900 are false. The building carries the feature of Indo-European architecture. The most interesting was the huge flight of stairs in front of the building. Hazarduari is now turned into a museum where I saw the weapons used by the Nawabs of Bengal. I saw many precious paintings, and the throne of Nawab there.

      Next, we went to the Motijhil, a big tank. We saw Khasbag where Nawab Alibordy Khan lay buried. We also visited the Kathgola Palace which was built by Laksmipath Singh Dugar. It was a beautiful place surrounded by a vast garden. Lastly, I saw the tomb of Nawab Siraj-Ud-Dullah. 

     My visit to Murshidabad brought me to the historical days reigned by the Nawabs of Bengal. It was really a memorable visit.

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