Uses and Abuses of Internet Paragraph

Uses and Abuses of Internet Paragraph 

This article contains what are the uses and abuses of internet. Let's see the Paragraph on Uses and Abuses of Internet.

Uses and Abuses of Internet Paragraph
Uses and Abuses of Internet 

The article contains-

■ What are the uses of internet 

■ What are the abuses of internet 

Paragraph on the uses and abuses of internet 

Uses of Internet 
The internet is the wonderful invention of modern science and technology. Modern life without internet is unthinkable. The word 'Internet' is the short form of the words International Network. The internet has been spreading its net over a vast and every part of the civilisation. It is clear that the whole world is linked with a network. Satellites are much involved in making the connections easier. Information technology is highly developed today and information of any kind and nature can be transmitted through internet. Trade, business and financial transactions have become easier and efficient on account of internet. As a matter of fact, the influences that the internet brings today on people's life-style, behaviour and communication are marvellous. Banking transactions have become much easier. One can book or cancel tickets simply sitting at the comfort of home by using internet. Internet has been steadily showing its deep impact in the field of education and healthcare. Internet has become so popular particularly among the younger generation that it is very hard to live a day without internet. 

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Abuses of Internet 
Yet all is not gold in the gift of internet. It spoils and affects badly on the younger generation. It also affects on human relationships. The students are so much addicted to it that they even waste their valuable time by playing online games. The worst effect is on human health. Finally, the unrestraint cyber crimes which are the great threat to human civilisation now-a-days have been destroying the peace and decency of life.

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