letter to editor about the safety of stray animals

Letter to the editor about the safety of stray animals 

safety of stray animals, dogs

Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about your concern over the safety of stray animals. 

In this article we will learn how to write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about  the safety of stray animals because we all know that animals are the part of society and appear beneficial in many ways. So, it is our duty to protect them and show our kindness to them. 

Here is the Sample Editorial Letter over the Safety of Stray Animals 

The Editor
The Times of India 

Sub: Safety of Stray Animals 

   Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to ventilate my deep concern over the safety of stray animals and the inhuman cruelties inflicted upon them by human society day by day.

   We all know that kindness is a great virtue of human race. But the kindness towards the animals does not enter their minds. Animals, specially the domestic animals and pets can be very both physically and emotionally beneficial to the human being. Living with and caring for them can also be a great experience. But do we show our gratefulness to them through kind treatment? The answer is categorically 'No'. It is the children who are the unkind to the stray animals for the sake of their sport. The grown up people are no less cruel to the stray animals like dogs, cats, cows, horse etc. They are often found to inflict inhuman cruelty towards animals. Sometimes people lash bullocks, horse, dogs so cruelly that blood comes out of their bodies. The stray animals can not even protest because they are dumb. 
     We must remember that all living creatures are the creations of God. So it must be desirable that we should always be kind and considerable to the stray animals. We can feed them by giving our excess food. Different volunteers and organisations should come forward to establish dog care society. The society and the veterinary doctors will arrange vaccination and treatment of the stray animals. 

    So, I earnestly request you to take your mighty pen to draw the attention of the human society to come forward to ensure the safety of stray animals. 

Thanking you 

Yours faithfully, 

 Barun Dasgupta

20/1 Maniktala Lane

Kolkata - 07

08 June, 2021

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