Habit of Reading Books

Habit of Reading Books 

Habit of Reading Books

Importance of Reading Habit 

Importance of Reading Books Essay

The habit of reading good books is much beneficial to a person. The habit of reading books is an old but innocent as well as useful habit. In the modern age of super computers, internet and highly developed information technology the habit of reading is getting decreased. But it is necessary to regenerate the useful practice of studying books as the habit of reading books refines the thought process of a man. 

Now-a-days, hundreds of books and magazines on various subjects are coming out of printing presses every day. This makes the choice of books a difficult problem. Of course, the choice of books is largely determined by the tastes and likes of the reader. Yet, a young learner needs the help of a good guide or he will be misled. A bad or immoral book as well as unintelligent reading may cause a lot of harm to juvenile minds. So one has to tread the road to the world of books cautiously. Herein lies the importance of well-informed researchers, librarians or other widely-read persons. 

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Books have been generally divided into two classes - good books and great books. Great books certainly include classic and also other volumes that stimulate our minds and do us moral good. Classic of a literature are those valuable books which have stood the test of time i. e., have an essence of immortality. All cultural men and women whatever sphere they belong to are expected to have read the ennobling classics where the best thoughts have been treasured up, sublime characters have been depicted in finest language. They make refreshing and stimulating studies. Moreover, one gets entertained also by reading books on certain topics. In modern times, stress and strain have been involved in our ways of living. The tempo of life has increased in this mechanised age. In this case, the tired man can get relaxation by reading light literature in the hours of his hard-earned rest. Books can be his coveted companions. Thus, books can be the ideal companions of a person and the habit of reading books enhances creativity of a person. 

In fact, all books do not deserve equal attention. Francis Bacon has rightly set down the rule of reading books in his famous essay "Of Studies" where he opines - " Some books are to be tasted (i.e. read superficially or in parts), others swallowed (i. e to be gone through quickly), only a few are to be chewed and digested (i. e. to be throughly read)." Since time is more valuable than money, it is sheer folly to waste time over trash books. There are men who have mastered the habit of quick and receptive reading by regular practice and concentration. Swami Vivekananda finished reading all the good books of Meerut library in course of a few days and thereby amazed the librarian. Victor Hugo, the famous French novelist of 18th century once he was sent in exile for twelve years finished reading of Shakespeare to get over his confinement. Rabindranath Tagore, it is estimated, read about forty thousand books underlining passages and making marginal notes and comments. All these are not merely the boastful examples but all depends on how seriously one takes to reading books as a habit.

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