Experience of a Rainy Day Paragraph

Experience of a Rainy Day 

A rainy day experience

Write a paragraph on your experience of a rainy day

Experience of a Rainy Day 

A rainy day is welcomed by all after scorching heat of summer days. A sharp shower of rain gives us relief from the heat when the weather becomes pleasant. I had a memorable experience of a rainy day. This was day when my summer vacation was just over and my school had reopened. But the sky had been cloudy since morning. The weather was gloomy and sultry. A few hours later, the wind gathered force and it became violently strong. I was on my way to school. Soon I saw sullen clouds were gathering fast over the black fringe of forest. The palm trees in a row by the lake were tossing their heads in unbound joy against the dismal cloudy sky. When I was only half way, it started to drizzle. Soon it changed into a heavy downpour. I ran to a nearby shop for shelter to watch the natural phenomenon. I saw crows with their drenched wings were silent on the branches of the trees. The roar of the sky was haunted by a deepening gloom. The wind was roaring and struggling among the banyan branches like a wild beast tangled in a net. Showers of rain were accompanied by the flashes of lightning. I saw the rain water was running in rills through the narrow lanes like a laughing child escaped from his mother's clutches. I saw people hastened home. The road and market got flooded and became desolate. I was almost drenched but felt delighted to see that showers of rain refreshed everything. When the rain had stopped, I returned home. I changed my clothes and sat in the balcony to have sip on the cup of tea. It gave me a great satisfaction. 

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