Autobiography of Shoe

Write an autobiography of a shoe

Autobiography of Shoe Paragraph

■ What is autobiography:

An autobiography is the mean in which the speaker speaks about his own self. The speaker is here may be living or non-living object. But it is very interesting to note that non-living object is being personified with all its feelings of a human.

■ How to write an autobiography of a shoe:

Autobiography of a Shoe

I came of a very reputed family. I belong to the brand of Reebok. I was born in Bangalore couple of years ago. I was brought to Kolkata one year ago and took shelter in a dazzling room to display. Here I was taken care and remained in a very neat and clean condition. Then I was taken away by a teenager. He was very happy to bring me with him. Then my active life began with my owner. I used to go to the various places with my owner. At first my owner took special care of me. But gradually I started to become dull with dirt and dust of roads. I also grew feeble and battered with the passage of time. Life appeared so intolerable to me and I became very tired. It was too hard and painful to move a long distance to me. It seemed that I could not satisfy my owner now. Now, I have taken shelter in a dark store room full of garbage. I am sad but I am helpless to think that every object in the mortal world is subject to death and decay. 

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