Medical Tourism in India Essay

Medical Tourism in India Essay 

Medical Tourism in India Advantages Hospitals Facilities

Medical Tourism in India- Advantages Hospitals Facilities 

The article contains --

● what is medical tourism

● why India can be a destination of medical tourism

● what are advantages of medical tourism in India

● recognised states with hospitals in India for medical tourism

Medical Tourism and Health Care in India 

What is Medical Tourism:

Travelling from one country to another for the purpose of having affordable and well medical  treatment is termed as Medical Tourism. It is a very common factor to travel to a foreign country for medical treatment and also to spend vaccination now-a-days. It is for this reason to go to the western country that offered to treat complicated diseases was not an uncommon matter. Though it must be admitted that it was a very expensive that the common people may not afford. But over the last decade, thanks to the building of world-class medical facilities and infrastructure, there has been a significant changes in this trend and India is now strong enough to promote itself as a land for medical tourism. 

Why India:

Several factors combine to make India a preferred destination for medical tourism. It has on offer the highest level of services, facilities and professional skills for all medical needs. Besides, the changing attitude of the government that likes to be benefitted from the medical tourism offers the relaxation of Visa in case of medical treatment and immediate attention to the patients rather than asking them to wait for long. But the most striking fact is that the cost of treatment in India is one-tenth of the cost in the western countries. Of late, Indian hospitals have gained international recognition for their unsurpassed skills, techniques and procedures. The doctors and nurses are well versed in English which is an international language for communication. One of the striking advantages in India is that India which is the home and origin of Yoga, Ayurveda offers treatment along with allopathic treatments. Besides, many patients prefer to combine their leisure and relaxation visits with healthcare in India which is the land of beautiful tourist destination.

How to Connect for Medical Tourism in India:

Several tour organisations and agencies now work in collaboration with renowned hospitals of the metro cities in India to guide and coordinate the travel plans of their clients. They take care of the specific medical needs of the clients along with planning a vacation for the patient as well as their companions. These days with the increasing availability of online information and consultancy any foreign patients like to book their treatment travel directly with the help of the hospital chosen. Services like online consultancy, online pre-operative counselling, online transfer of medical records, appointment schedule can be accessed easily now-a-days.

Recognised States with Hospitals for Medical Tourism in India:

The states like Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Bangalore in the southern part of India have emerged as leading medical care providing the finest hospitals with cheap medical tourism policies. There are many world-class hospitals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Medical Tourism in India

CMC,Vellore, Tamil Nadu is well known all over world for its medical proficiency. India's first heart valve replacement was conducted in CMC, Vellore in 1961. The patients from all over the world come to CMC, Vellore for complicated ailments like bone-marrow transplants, open heart surgeries, kidney problems, dental treatment, endocrine problems etc. It is almost 1700 bedded multi-complex hospital. 

Ramachandra Hospital,  Fortis Malar, Madras Medical Missions in Chennai receive almost 100 international patients each day. Cardiac, orthopedic, neurosurgery, oncology etc are the main medical treatments provided by these hospitals. 

Medical Tourism in India

Sankar Netralyaya in Chennai is an elite hospital in the fields of eye-treatment. It serves thousands of overseas patients with eye problems in a month.

Medical Tourism in India

AIIMS, in New Delhi is ranked one among all medical colleges in India. AIIMS is the first Indian medical college to perform a successful cardiac transplant in India. AIIMS is an advanced center of stem cell therapy in India. Besides, AIIMS other hospitals like Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Columbia Asia, Max Super Speciality Hospital provide the best health care services in Delhi.

Kolkata is also stepping forward in the fields of medical tourism. Though most of the international patients come to Delhi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu for their treatments but the patients from Bangladesh, Nepal, Mayanma are gathering in Kolkata for their treatments. Private Hospitals adjacent to EM Bypass have modified their infrastructure in medical skills. Apollo Hospital, Columbia Asia, AMRI Hospital provide best health care services for international patients with presidential rooms, diagnostic procedures etc.

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