How to achieve success in life

How to Achieve Success in Life -An Essay 

Important Keys to Get Success 

How to Achieve Success in Life

Let's watch the video below and sum up how to achieve success

Essay on How To Achieve Success in Life 

To achieve success is not easy and to maintain it is even more difficult. Hard labour ultimately wins. Therefore, it is necessary that people who desire to be successful, give into hard labour and work. The same thought is expressed by R.L Stevension : "To travel hopefully is better than to arrive, and the true success is to labour." Success can be acquired through self knowledge and self criticism, acquisition of self confidence, possession of a strong will and right choice of vocation in life. After all, man is the architect of his own fate but within practicable limits.

There is no substitute for hard work. Perseverance and sweat alone take one to top. Remember the story of Tenzing Norgay, a sherpa became world famous for his conquest of the Mount Everest but he had to make more than dozen attempts before success and victory finally came.

Some Keys Points to Follow to Get Success 

Here are some time-tested methods or keys to achieve what you really desire in life.

■ Define Your Desire

■ Detect Your Strong and Weak Points 

■ Set up Goals

■ Use the Power of Subconscious Mind 

■ Use the Power of Imagination 

■ Indulge in Self-talk

■ Create a Strong Will Power 

Let's discuss these factors elaborately:

(A) Define Your Desire: 

we should realise that each one of us is unique in his own way. Similarly, the desires of every individual must be unique. Hence, it is important to define your desires clearly. 

Think Goals to Achieve Success

If your ideas are not clear, think and discuss about it with some wise and trusted someone to have crystallized ideas. Then choose your desire within your practicable limits and try to contemplate on your desires almost every day whenever it is possible. 

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(B) Detect Your Strong and Weak Points:

We should remember that none in the world is perfect. Even the greatest of men and women have their shortcomings. Hence, it is important for every individual to contemplate and detect his or her strong and weak points. If you think that you can improve upon your weak points, try to find out means to improve it. So, it is important to relish and dwell on all your strong points rather than to become too much pessimistic for having weak points. Your strong points will be able to do away with all your worries and fear. 

(C) Set up Goals:

Every successful person sets up goals of achievement to be successful in life. You set up long-term goals and short-term goals. Do not forget that your goals should be specific and time-bound. Review your goals in every specific time. You can change or modify your goals as situation demands. 

(D) Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind: 

It is natural human psychology that every individual has two minds -- conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind uses the power of logic and reason to make decisions. In most of time, your decisions are controlled by your conscious mind. But on the other hand, your subconscious mind works on its own intuitive. Sometimes it works like magic and gives you necessary answer to your need. 

How to achieve success

For this you need to collect all the facts and hover on your subject and feed them into your subconscious mind. Then in a cool, relax, meditative manner think about these facts and your subject. You will get answers from your subconscious mind. It is suggested that yoga or meditation helps to strengthen your subconscious mind. 

(E) Use the Power of Imagination:

You are familiar with the process of visualising because everyone of us to a certain degree creates mental images or pictures in our minds. You must therefore use the power of imagination. For attaining success, you must mentally rehearse your desired goal again and again. Your power of imagination will put you in your desired imaginary world. Then you will be able to visualise yourself the means to achieve success and relish as a successful one. 

(F) Indulge in Self-talk:

Sometimes our Self-talk can be changed into auto suggestion. For example, if you feel that you do not have enough money or education to come up as successful in life, then you may talk to yourself and get positive response that many persons have come up successfully without wealth or even formal education. Often the reading autobiographies of successful persons can charge up you and involve in positive self-talking. 

(G) Create a Strong Will Power:

It is an old controversy whether man is stronger or his destiny. A number of people believe that a man can be only as successful as his destiny permits. Others aver that man himself carves out his destiny. In fact, there is an element of truth in both the beliefs. But it is important to imbibe a strong will power to overcome all obstacles that will come to the path of your success. Always motivate yourself to initiate a strong will power. After all there is a will, there is a way. 

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