Measures to Prevent Covid-19 Spread Editor Letter

Write a letter to Editor of an English daily to bring awareness among people regarding the deadly Corona Virus.

Precautionary Measures to Stop COVID-19 

Measures to stop spreading Corona virus

The Editor
The Telegraph 

Sub: Precautionary measures to stop the spread of Corona Virus 

 Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to ventilate my deep concern about the ever rising spread of deadly Corona Virus and to highlight certain precautionary measures which people should strictly follow to prevent the spread of the deadly Corona virus. 

  We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping over the world including our country. It has already caused 2.6 million deaths and affected nearly 121 million people. India alone has reported 11.5 million cases and more than 1.5 lakhs deaths. India continues to report more than 20,000 infections a day and there is little evidence that the virus is going away anytime soon. But a section of the people is still taking anti-Covid measures lightly. No doubt, phase-wise vaccination drive has been started throughout the world. But conducting immunization programme in a vast country is a challenging task. It is certainly a time consuming process. The best thing that we can do at this moment is to abide by certain preventive measures such as - maintaining social distance, wearing face masks, washing hands with soap or sanitizer, not spitting in public, sneezing into our elbow and disinfecting the surfaces around our home and working places. We should avoid touching our nose, eyes and mouth and going out frequently. Indeed, we must stay at home to stay safe and seek medical attention if we develop the symptoms of Corona virus. 

   So I earnestly request you to take your mighty pen to create public awareness and draw the attention of the concerned authorities to see that unnecessary panic is not created anywhere. 

Yours Sincerely, 
Rakesh Roy
Ballygunge, Kolkata 

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