Covid-19 Awarness Programme Report Writing

Write a newspaper report on Covid-19 Awarness Programme organised by your school

A Newspaper Report on Covid-19 Awarness Programme

A newspaper report on COVID-19 awarness programme

A Covid-19 Awarness Programme in Adarsha Sikshayatan

(By Staff Reporter)

Howrah, 22nd March, 2021: A Covid-19 awarness programme was organised by Adarsha Sikshayatan in collaboration with the local government officials and eminent doctors of Medical College yesterday in school auditorium. 

     The programme started at 10 a.m with the active presence of teachers, students along with guardians. The school authority made proper seating arrangements for all to maintain social distancing keeping in mind the norms and protocol of Covid-19 situation. They were also provided masks and sanitizer by the school authority. Many dignified personalities like local B. D. O, S. D. O, local O. C and renowned doctors of the Medical College were present in the programme. The Headmaster of the school presided over the programme. He gave a short speech on the current situation of Covid-19 and on the lack of awarness of common people in this pandemic situation. He mentioned that this virus-borne disease had already caused near 2.6 million deaths and affected around 120 million people globally.India alone has reported 11.5 million cases and more than 1.5 lakhs deaths. India continues to report more than 20,000 infections a day and there is little evidence that the virus is going away anytime soon.  But a major part of the population are still indifferent maintaining the precautionary measures against Covid-19. After that Dr. S. K Gupta, a senior doctor from the  Medical College gave his valuable speech. He said that though the phase-wise vaccination drive has been started through out the world, but conducting such immunization programme in a vast country like India is a very challenging task. Moreover, it is certainly a time consuming process too. According to him, the best thing that we can do at this moment is to abide by certain precautionary measures such as maintaining social distancing, wearing face mask, washing hands at regular interval with soap or sanitizer, not spitting in public places, sneezing into elbow, disinfecting our homes and working places and not stepping out of our home unnecessarily. He also advised to take proper food to strengthen our immunity power and not to create unnecessary panic in the public. He also hoped that by maintaining these precautionary measures we would be able to prevent the spreading of this virus-borne disease. 

   The programme which is very relevant at this time was appreciated by one and all. At last  the programme ended with an oath to maintain all preventive measures suggested by the expert doctors to curb out the global pandemic situation and to get back to normalcy as soon as possible. 

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