Bad Effects of Playing Mobile Games Letter to Friend

Write a letter to your friend telling him about the bad effects of playing online mobile games for long hours.

Harmful Effects of Mobile Games

Harmful Effects of Playing Online Mobile Games 

Rakesh Roy

Santragachi, Howrah 

Dear Lokesh,

                   It has been long since you last wrote to me. However, last week I had the opportunity to meet your parents. I found from them that one thing that has been keeping them worried recently is about your addiction to mobile games. So, today I am writing this letter to give you valuable advice on it.

          I know that mobile games are enjoyable and entertaining for more than one reason to many people. One of the most widely spread of bad habits that the younger generation is indulged in is the spending of valuable time in playing online mobile games. It has come to the alarming situation when you are spending almost 7-8 hours a day by playing mobile games reducing your study time. The worst effect is on health. Spending too much time in playing mobile games poses many health hazards like eye sight problem, body metabolism, mental agitation, insomnia etc. Of late, you have also heard that many had to pay their lives and financial losses for the sake of playing mobile games. 

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          Though it is hard to stop playing mobile games completely, but to prevent this addiction you should set up time limits and spend considerable time to enjoy other outdoor games like cricket, football, tennis etc. You should remember that things which may be very good when only done from time to time, tend to become very harmful when done too often and too much.

         I hope you will follow my advice and put forth effort and be diligent to cut down the time of spending mobile games drastically. 

Yours ever,


Lokesh Mahato

c/o - Anirban Mahato

36/A Chandannagar, Hooghly

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