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How To Make Advertisement 

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All modern businesses need advertisement. Whatever has good to sell has to find some way to attract the notice of his would-be purchasers. People in the past were engaged to advertise their goods by the beat of drums. Today things have become sophisticated. Now the colourful slides are flashed on the television, cinema screen, catchy dialogues from radio, fanciful hoardings are displayed by the roadside. Newspaper and digital media are also an important media for advertisement and marketing. Posters, graphics are inserted in newspaper and digital platforms. Today's world, digital platforms have become very inseparable for displaying the products for advertisers. Advertisement, now has become omnipresent is not only necessary but also useful. It is quite justified that spending money on advertising is not a wasteful practice. Advertisement has the power to give sustenance to a large number to business associated with it. The ads shown in the digital platforms prompt the customers to buy what he wants and this adds to the retailer's turnover. 

Types of Advertisement:

 There are mainly two types of advertisements: classified advertisement and display advertisement. Classified advertisement is a form of advertisement which is particularly common in newspaper, online and other periodicals or magazines. Classified advertisement are much cheaper than larger display advertisements used by business houses. Classified advertisement are mostly placed by individuals with single objective to buy or sell something, looking for jobs, academic matters etc.

 Aims of Advertisement and Marketing

In modern world, time and space are extremely precious. One needs to advertise for various purposes in leading newspapers, digital platforms television screens to reach countless people for marketing. The main objectives of advertisement are as follows:

● First of all, advertisement must appeal to onlookers for marketing of the subject. The language of the advertisement ought to be absolutely unambiguous so that the target audience should not be confused about the content or message of advertisement. 

● Secondly, the length and number of words should be the least in order to keep the operating costs within the budget of the advertiser.

● Thirdly, the lay out of the advertisement ought to be such that it catches the attention of the readers in order to produce the desired results in the marketing field. 

● Every advertisers should make a proper research and competition in the market about the campaign to be launched 

● Advertisers should target the audience who may be interested about the ads of campaign. 

● It is always vital to choose the proper platforms or channels or media where the advertiser is going to launch his campaign. 

● Last but not the least, the advertiser should give special attention in designing the banners, catchy lines, graphics of the ads.

There are different types of advertisement which are as follows:

1. Jobs/post vacant or wanted

2. To lent/rent a house or flat

3. Sale or purchase of property, vehicles or goods, 

4. Promotion of educational institutions regarding academic courses

5. Tours and travels

6. Health and fitness

Let us highlight the basic points to be included in different types of advertisement:

1. Jobs/post vacant types:

• words like Wanted Or Required should be included

• Name of organization

• Number of vacancies

• Minimum criteria/qualifications/experience

• Pay scale

• Contact and address

2. To lent/rent house or flat:

• Begin with Wanted Or Available

• Type of accommodation should be included

• Rent expected

• Facilities provided

• Contact and address

3. Sale or Purchase of property or assets:

• Words like Sale/Purchase should be included

• Brief description of the land, house or flat

• Property -- Number of floors, size, number of rooms, location and surroundings

• Vehicles -- Colour, model, accessories, price, mileage and features

• Household goods -- Condition, price, advantages of the product, offer

4. Educational Courses or Institutions:

• Name of the institution

• Courses offered

• Eligibility criteria required

• Facilities

• Fees structure

• Registration process

• Contact and address

5. Tours and Travels:

• Tour and spots to be covered

• Package details

• Duration

• Price and discounts if any

• Types of hotel and transportation provided

• Booking process

• Contact/phone number

6. Health and Fitness:

• Health services

• workout facilities

• Achievements

• Fees structure

• Well equipped training tools

• Discounts, if any

• Contact/phone number

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