Paragraph on Facebook Friendship

Paragraph  on Facebook Friendship 

Increasing Popularity of Virtual Friendship 

Facebook Friendship 

Today we are living in a high-speed internet generation. It has significantly made a radical change in our relationship both as physically and emotionally. Naturally we are often talked about the pattern of modern friendship. We are living in a virtual friendship; Facebook Friendship. Many are of the opinion that it has been severing our real emotional friendship touches while there are some others who claim that they have never been so well connected with so many people. We must admit that an introvert does not have more than two close friends, while an average facebook user has about a hundred. But it will be quite apt to ponder over whether we can rely upon the facebook friends in our difficult times with whom we share our pictures and spend time virtually. Friendship is defined as "A friend in need is a friend indeed." We may have hundreds of superficial friends in Facebook friendship but we have very few with whom we have an emotional bonding. Whether or not Facebook friendships are acceptable is debatable but such social networking sites help us to find our old friends who may be far away from us and keep in touch with them. It is indeed proven as very useful to keep away our boredom when we feel lonely. However, one may get extremely frustrated with Facebook friends at times when no response is received. It is literally trying to talk to a wall. But we must admit that sharing our exuberance of joy and pain of sorrow is supremely possible when we meet friends in our real world.

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