Complaint Letter for Poor Quality Product

 Write a letter to the Manager of a sales company complaining against him for providing poor quality product. 

The following is the sample complaint letter for poor quality product to a Manager of a company. 

To know how to write a complaint letter is very essential for us today for various reasons. 

* Sometimes we purchase product which does not satisfy the quality what we expect. In that case, you should write a complaint letter to the seller. 

* Good and reputed companies always want to improve their service and quality. So it is the responsibility of the customer to let the company know about the poor, faulty product. 

* Receiving the poor quality product in expenses of money is never be granted. So you should write complaint letter to have the best one. 


A Sample Complaint Letter For Poor Quality Product


The Manager, 

Orient Book Sellers Co. Ltd

Mumbai - 11

    Sub: Supply of Poor Quality Product


   With due respect, I like to inform you that I am in receipt of your consignment of book, "Collection of Short Stories" despatched on 05/09/2020 with invoice no FBBA 05643274R32P. I regret to note that the quality of the book delivered by you is extremely unsatisfactory and hard to serve my purpose. It is much inferior to the original sample of book which I placed order to you. I beg to point out that the few pages of the book are missing and few have the inferior quality of printing. In this connection, I would like to remind you that I placed the order with you on the clear understanding of the satisfactory of the quality of the product. 

            But I am compelled to take a serious view of the whole matter and to consider seriously of the cancelation of the consignment. You should adjust satisfactorily this inferior quality of the book by replacing the good one instantly. 

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            I shall be highly obliged to know what you intend to do in this matter very soon. 

                                                    Yours Sincerely, 


Dt:  12/09/2020

North Block -E

24/2 Shivaji Nagar

East Mumbai

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