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What is water cycle with diagram 

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Water Cycle 
Water is good for our planet. It is the source and sustenance of our life. It keeps nature lush and green. It is also delightful to be showered in the first monsoon rain after the scorching heat of summer. Not only that water helps the farmers to grow crops. Now, in the eco-system the water cycle is maintained in a very interesting process through the formation and precipitation of rain. The amount of rain in a country is totally dependent on its geographical location, atmospheric pressure, water bodies, temperature etc. The formation of rain follows a very interesting process. 

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The Process of Water Cycle 

During the day, from the water sources on the earth like pond, river, seas, oceans etc the water is heated with the rays of the sun. Then the hot water evaporates from different water sources. It is the process where liquid water is changed into vapour and drifted away into the atmosphere. Next, the air pressure is decreased by the warm and moist air. As a result, the water vapour rises upwards. Then the water vapour is changed into tiny droplets. In the sky, several tiny droplets come closer and are condensed with the help of tiny particles floating around like dust, crystal salts, bacteria etc. They float in the sky as cloud. Now, they can not float in the air as they get size more than 0.5mm. Finally, they come down as rain on the earth following the  law of gravitational force. It is called precipitation. Thus, the rain is formed and water cycle is maintained on the earth. 

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