A Newspaper Report on Interschool Debate Competition

Write a Newspaper Report on Interschool Debate Competition 

Suppose you are the Secretary of the Cultural Committee of your school. Your school organised an inter-school debate competition on the topic "Impact of social networking sites in our life". Now, write a newspaper report on the debate competition with the help of following information:
Date and time -- venue -- subject -- participating schools -- presence of dignified and audience -- influence -- winner -- conclusion. 


Interschool Debate Competition Report Writing

                     The Impact of Social Networking Sites,   A Debate  Competition       

                                                       (By Sumit Roy)     

Howrah, 18th May,2020: An inter-school debate competition was held on the topic, "Impact of Social Networking Sites in Our Life" in the auditorium of Howrah Adarsha Sikshaniketan yesterday with the active participation of 25 schools from the district of Howrah. It was organised by the Cultural Committee of the school. The programme started at 12.30 p.m. Each school was represented by a student. 

              The Headmaster of the school, Mr. A.K.Das welcomed all the participants. Mr. B.Ganguly, the senior teacher of the school was the moderator. As the motion  of the debate, "The Impact of Social Networking Sites in Our Life" was very sensitive and thought provoking, all the participants were well prepared in presenting their opinions. All the participants spoke logically in a coherent manner. Their eloquent speeches won much applause from the audience. The debator from the Oxford Model School, Priyanka Roy spoke against the motion. She was civil, clear, effortless and very upto the mark in her speech. She opined, "The obsession with a world that is unreal and with relationships that have no accountability, has been severing our real physical relationships." The judges, adorned the programme were highly distinguished persons. When their verdict was out, Priyanka Roy was adjudged the best speaker of the motion. The judges, in unison, praised all the participants and wished them good luck in future. The programme ended with a grand success and was appreciated by one and all. 

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