Story on A Forgetful Scientist

Write  a story on a forgetful scientist who arranged a birthday  party  and forgot all about.    

                     An Unmindful Scientist 

Once there was a famous scientist who was renowned for his great scientific invention. He spent hours after hours in his laboratory.  He had a flaw in his character. He was so much absorbed in his work that he often forgot his usual activities. Once, he desired to celebrate his birthday. So, he started to arrange a dinner party on his birthday and wanted to invite a large number of friends and relatives. For this purpose he bought many invitation cards to send to his guests. Finally, the celebration day came. A very good dinner party was ready to be served and all sorts of arrangements were perfectly made. But to his utter dismay, no guest came to attend the dinner party. Hours after hours were slipping away. The scientist felt very uneasy when the guests were absent. The scientist became hopeless as all things were going to be spoiled. Giving up hope, he returned to his room. Suddenly he pulled the drawer of his working table and found the whole bundle of invitation cards which he had forgotten to send out to the guests. The scientist realised his mistake and felt very sad for his mishap. 

Moral:--Forgetfulness often creates mishap. 

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